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- Jessica Rigley


Office: Hoyle H28
Office Tel: (01223) 337551
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Research Themes: Star Formation and Exoplanets

Research Keywords: Dynamics, Planets, Theory


I study exozodiacal clouds - dust in exoplanetary systems which orbits very close to the star, analagous to the zodiacal cloud of the solar system. Warm exozodiacal dust is typically in the habitable zone, which could impact future attempts at directly imaging exo-Earths. I use modelling to try and understand the origin of warm exozodis, with a focus on comets.

My primary supervisor is Prof. Mark Wyatt, and my secondary supervisor is Prof. Cathie Clarke.



2018 - present: PhD student, Institute of Astronomy, University of Cambridge

2018: Summer research internship at Wayve Technologies

2017: Summer student at CERN

2014 - 2018: MSci Natural Sciences, University of Cambridge



PhD: Astronomy, University of Cambridge (2018 - present)

MSci: Natural Sciences (Physics), University of Cambridge (2014-2018)


Awards and Prizes

2015-2018   Rosemary Murray Scholar

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