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Office: Kavli K26
Office Tel: (01223) 760797
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My research interests lie in exoplanets, particularly the telescopes, instruments and techniques required to characterise their atmospheres. My main  work is on prototyping the self-aligning optics required for SUPERSHARP: an unfolding space telescope design developed by my supervisor Dr Ian Parry.

Selected papers

Evidence for Multiple Molecular Species in the Hot Jupiter HD 209458b (2018, Astrophysical Journal Letters)


2017 - Present: PhD in Astronomy (IoA, Cambridge)

Supervisors: Dr Ian Parry and Dr. Nikku Madhusudhan

2016/17: MSci Astrophysics Student (IoA, Cambridge)

Project: Detecting O2 in Proxima b with E-ELT using HDS + HCI.

Supervisor: Dr Ian Parry

Summer 2016: IoP Studentship (Cavendish, Cambridge)

Project: Simulating Quantum Telescopes using optical amplification.

Supervisor: Dr Aglae Kellerer



MSci. Astrophysics University of Cambridge (2016 -2017)

BA Natural Sciences University of Cambridge (2013 - 2016)

Awards and Prizes

Institute of Astronomy Prize (2017)

Peterhouse Tait Physics Prize  and Danny Taylor Natural Sciences Scholarship (2016)


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