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- Chiara Scardoni


Office: Obs O13
Office Tel: (01223) 337525
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Research Themes: Star Formation and Exoplanets

Research Keywords: Accretion, Planets, Star-formation




I am interested protoplanetary discs. In particular, my PhD focuses on exploring the role of the protoplanetary disc in the processes of formation and evolution of planets.

Selected papers

The effect of the streaming instability on protoplanetary disc emission at millimetre wavelengths (2021) Scardoni, C. E.; Booth, R. A.; Clarke, C. J.

X-shooter survey of disk accretion in Upper Scorpius. I. Very high accretion rates at age > 5 Myr (2020) Manara, C. F.; Natta, A.; Rosotti, G. P.; Alcala, J. M.; Nisini, B.; Lodato, G.; Testi, L.; Pascucci,I.; Hillenbrand, L.; Carpenter, J.; Scholz, A.; Fedele, D.; Frasca, A.; Mulders, G.; Rigliaco, E.; Scardoni, C.; Zari, E.

Type II migration strikes back - an old paradigm for planet migration in discs (2020) Scardoni, C. E.; Rosotti, G. P.; Lodato, G.; Clarke, C. J.

Protoplanetary disc `isochrones' and the evolution of discs in the Ṁ-M_d plane (2017) Lodato, G.; Scardoni, C. E.; Manara, C. F.; Testi, L.


2019-present: PhD in Astronomy; supervisors: Professor Cathie Clarke, Dr Marco Tazzari


2017–2019: Master’s Degree in Physics (University of Milan)

2013–2017: Bachelor’s Degree in Physics (University of Milan)

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