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- Cameron Lemon


Current tension between local distance measurements of the Hubble constant, and those from the CMB, might point towards new physics beyond our current best cosmological models. Gravitationally lensed quasars offer an independent measure of the Hubble constant through time delay cosmography, however these systems are incredibly rare. My PhD focusses on developing techniques to identify lensed quasars in new imaging surveys, including the Dark Energy Survey, Pan-STARRS, and Gaia.

Selected papers

Gravitationally lensed quasars in Gaia: II. Discovery of 24 lensed quasars, Lemon, C.; Auger, M.; McMahon, R.; Ostrovski, F., 2018, MNRAS, 479, 5060

Gravitationally Lensed Quasars in Gaia: I. Resolving Small-Separation Lenses, Lemon, C.; Auger, M.; McMahon, R.; Koposov, S., 2017, MNRAS, 472, 5023


2015-Present PhD, Institute of Astronomy, University of Cambridge ---Supervisors: Professor Richard McMahon, Dr Matt Auger

2014-2015 Master's degree in Physics, University of Cambridge

2011-2014 Bachelor's degree in Physical Natural Sciences, University of Cambridge

Awards and Prizes

Part III Cavendish Laboratory Prize (2015)

Corpus Christi Foundation Scholarship (2014)

Corpus Christi Foundation Scholarship (2013)

Corpus Christi Carter Scholarship (2012)

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