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Office: Hoyle H29
Office Tel: (01223) 766645
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Research Themes: Star Formation and Exoplanets

Research Keywords: Planets, Spectroscopy, Theory


I'm a final-year PhD student working on exoplanet atmospheres with my supervisor Dr Nikku Madhusudhan. 

I study the atmospheres of a wide range of exoplanets, from temperate low-mass planets to highly-irradiated gas giants and isolated brown dwarfs. I'm especially interested in what the emission spectra of these atmospheres can tell us about their temperature profiles, energy transport, potential surface/interior properties and atmospheric chemistry/clouds. In my work, I use self-consistent atmospheric models to understand how various physical processes affect the temperature profile and emission spectrum of the atmosphere. I also use atmospheric retrievals to understand what we can learn about these planets with observations from facilities such as the upcoming James Webb Space Telescope.

Selected papers




Astronomy PhD, Institute of Astronomy, Cambridge. Supervisor: Dr Nikku Madhusudhan.

Supervisor for Undergraduate Astrophysics, Institute of Astronomy, Cambridge

Supervisor for Undergraduate Physics, Pembroke College, Cambridge


Summer research project with Antonia Rowlinson & Jess Broderick, ASTRON, Netherlands


Summer research project with Grant Kennedy, Institute of Astronomy, Cambridge


MSci, Natural Sciences, University of Cambridge 


BA, Natural Sciences, University of Cambridge 



PhD, Astronomy, Supervisor: Dr Nikku Madhusudhan - University of Cambridge (2017-present) 

MSci, Natural Sciences (1st class) - University of Cambridge (2016-2017)

BA, Natural Sciences (1st class) - University of Cambridge (2012-2016)


Awards and Prizes

2017-2021  UK STFC Ph.D. Studentship

2013-2017  Pembroke College Foundation Scholar

2016           Dr Stevens Prize for Natural Science

2016           ASTRON/JIVE Summer Studentship

2014           Institute of Astronomy, Cambridge, Summer Studentship

2012           Cuthbert Award for Science

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