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I am interested in the distribution of dark matter in the Milky Way and the implications this has for particle physics and cosmology. I investigate this using dynamical models of visible stars observed by the ESA’s Gaia mission. I have a complimentary interest in statistical biases in large astronomical data sets with Bayesian modelling.

I am co-PI of the 'Completeness of the Gaia-verse' project with the aim of deriving selection functions for all Gaia data products.

Selected papers

Douglas Boubert and Andrew Everall. Completeness of the Gaia-verse II: what are the odds that a star is missing from Gaia DR2? MNRAS, August 2020 ads

Douglas Boubert, Andrew Everall;, and Berry Holl. Completeness of the Gaia-verse - I. When and where were Gaia’s eyes on the sky during DR2? MNRAS, 497(2):1826–1841, July 2020 ads

Peter McGill, Andrew Everall;, Douglas Boubert, and Leigh C. Smith. Predictions of Gaia’s prize microlensing events are flawed. MNRAS, 498(1):L6–L10, June 2020 ads

Vasily Belokurov, Zephyr Penoyre, Semyeong Oh, Giuliano Iorio, Simon Hodgkin, N. Wyn Evans, Andrew Everall;, Sergey E. Koposov, Christopher A. Tout, Robert Izzard, Cathie J. Clarke and Anthony G. A. Brown. Unresolved stellar companions with Gaia DR2 astrometry. MNRAS, 496(2):1922–1940, June 2020 ads

Zephyr Penoyre, Vasily Belokurov, N. Wyn Evans, A. Everall, and S. E. Koposov. Binary deviations from single object astrometry. MNRAS, 495(1):321–337, May 2020 ads

Andrew Everall; and Payel Das. seestar: Selection functions for spectroscopic surveys of the Milky Way. MNRAS, 493(2):2042–2058, April 2020 ads

A. Everall;, N. W. Evans, V. Belokurov, and R. Schönrich. The tilt of the local velocity ellipsoid as seen by Gaia. MNRAS, 489(1):910–918, Oct 2019 ads


Oct 2018 - present: PhD Student, Institute of Astronomy, Cambridge.

Oct 2017 - Apr 2018: Research assistant, Rudolph Peierls Centre for Theoretical Physics, Oxford

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