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I am interested in cosmology: understanding structure formation, dark matter and dark energy and the intersection with galaxy formation. It is an exciting time to be an observational cosmologist, and my research uses the beautiful imaging from DES and KiDS lensing surveys, spectroscopic data from BOSS and now DESI and CMB information from Advanced ACT. My primary research focus weak gravitational lensing which probes the expansion history and growth of cosmic structures. In particular, I focus on tackling the main systematics in those analyses: estimating photometric redshifts, calibrating the shear of galaxies, modelling galaxies' intrinsic alignments, and the impact of baryonic or AGN feedback on our measurements, ahead of all-sky surveys like Euclid and Rubin Observatory.

Selected papers

"A non-linear solution to the S8 tension?" Amon, A. and Efstathiou, G.; MNRAS (2022)

"Dark Energy Survey Year 3 Results: Robust cosmology from cosmic shear" Amon, A. et al.;  Physical Review D. (2021)

"Consistent Lensing and Clustering in a Low-S8 Universe" Amon, A. and Robertson, N., et al.; MNRAS (2021)

"Dark Energy Survey Year 3 Results: Cosmology Constraints from Weak Lensing and Clustering Measurements" DES Collaboration;  Physical Review D. (2021)

"Phenotypic redshifts with self-organizing maps: A novel method to characterize redshift distributions of source galaxies for weak lensing" Myles, J., Alarcon, A., Amon, A. et al; MNRAS (2020)

"KiDS + 2dFLenS + GAMA: Testing the cosmological model with the EG statistic" Amon, A.; Blake, et al.; MNRAS (2018)

"KiDS-i-800:Comparing weak gravitational lensing measurements in same-sky surveys" Amon, A.; Heymans, C.; Klaes, D.; Erben, T., et al.; MNRAS (2017);  


Sept 2021 - Present: Senior Kavli Fellowship at the Institute of Astronomy and the Kavli Institute for Cosmology Cambridge

Sept 2018 - Aug 2021: Kavli Fellowship at Stanford University 

Awards and Prizes

Caroline Herschel Lectureship Prize 2022

Fermilab Tollestrup Award 2022

Paczynski Visiting Fellowship, Princeton 2021 

Rising Star in Physics 2020

Royal Astronomical Society’s Michael Penston Thesis Prize 2019 

Institute of Physics Jocelyn Bell Burnell Medal and Prize Runner-up 2019

LSST Data Science Fellowship Programme 2017

National Scholarship from Trinidad and Tobago for Undergraduate Degree 2009

Scholar, International Summer School for Young Physicists, Perimeter Institute 2008

Euler Award, Trinidad and Tobago Mathematics Olympiad 2007

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