Institute of Astronomy

- Adam Langeveld


Office: Hoyle H27
Office Tel: (01223) 766653
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Research Themes: Star Formation and Exoplanets

Research Keywords: Observations, Planets, Spectroscopy


I study high resolution spectrographic observations of transiting exoplanets in order to characterise their atmospheres. I am working on reducing data from high resolution spectrographs for making detections of chemical species.



2018-Present: PhD in Astronomy, Institute of Astronomy, Cambridge
(supervised by Dr Nikku Madhusudhan and Dr Simon Hodgkin)

2016: Summer research project, University of Leicester
(supervised by Prof. Mark Lester and Dr Beatriz Sanchez-Cano)

2015: Summer research project, Durham University
(supervised by Dr Alastair Basden)

2013-2017: Physics with Astrophysics MPhys, University of York



PhD: Astronomy - University of Cambridge (2018-Present)

MPhys: Physics with Astrophysics - University of York (2013-2017)


Awards and Prizes

2012: School Physicist of the Year award (The Ogden Trust)


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