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Revised list of key E-Books

Published on 21/10/2020 

This is a list of key books in astronomy currently available as e-books.  It is not a comprehensive listing of all the e-books available.  All these should be available to current students and staff accessing through University of Cambridge computers, or remotely through a VPN.  You may need to use your Raven login.

We hope to expand on this collection, and suggestions are welcome (contact

Binney, J. & Skinner, D.  The physics of quantum mechanics OUP 2014 <EBSCO COVID19 temporary access>

Binney, J. & Tremaine, S.  Galactic dynamics  Princeton 2008

Carroll, B.W. & Ostlie, D.A.  An introduction to modern astrophysics  CUP 2017

Clarke, C. & Carswell, B.  Principles of astrophysical fluid dynamics  CUP 2007

Dirac, P.A.M.  The principles of quantum mechanics  OUP 1930

Dodelson, S.  Modern cosmology Elsevier 2002 <EBSCO Temporary COVID19 access>

Eldridge, J. & Tout, C.  The structure and evolution of stars  World Scientific 2018 <also temporary access on Perlego>

Frank, J. King, A.R. Raine, D.J. Accretion power in astrophysics  CUP 2002

Goldstein, H.  Classical mechanics  Addison-Wesley 2002 <access on Kortext until 30 June 2020>

Gray, D.F.  The observation and analysis of stellar photospheres  CUP 2005

Ivezic, Z. & Gray, A.  Statistics, data mining, and machine learning in astronomy  Princeton 2014

Kolb, E.W. & Turner, M.S.  The early universe  Addison Wesley 1990

Landau, L.D. & Lifshitz, E.M.  Fluid mechanics  Pergamon 2nd edition 1989

Landau, L.D. & Lifshitz, E.M.  Mechanics  Pergamon 3rd edition 1976

Liddle, A.R.  An introduction to modern cosmology  Wiley 2015

Liddle, A.R. & Lyth, D.H.  Cosmological inflation and large scale structure  CUP 2000

Longair, M.S.  High energy astrophysics  Volume 2: Stars, the Galaxy and the Interstellar Medium, 2nd edition)  CUP 2011

Maggiore, M. Gravitational waves Volume 1 Theory and experiment OUP 2007 <EBSCO temporary COVID19 access>

Murray, C.D. & Dermott, S.F.  Solar systems dynamics  CUP 1999

Netzer, H.  The physics and evolution of active galactic nuclei  CUP 2013

Peacock, J.A.  Cosmological physics  CUP 1999

Peebles, P.J.E.  Principles of physical cosmology  Princeton 1993

Perryman, M.  The exoplanet handbook  CUP 2018

Rindler, W.  Essential relativity : special, general, and cosmological  Springer 1977

Ryden, B. & Pogge, R.  Interstellar and intergalactic medium  Ohio State 2015 <access to be from March 2021>

Tayler, R.J.  The stars: their structure and evolution  CUP 1994

Weinberg, S.  Lectures on quantum mechanics  CUP 2015

Zhang, B.  The physics of gamma-ray bursts  CUP 2019

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