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E-Resources in Astronomy & hints for home access

Published on 06/04/2020 

Here are some rich e-resources in astronomy, that should be available to staff and students working from home.  If you are using a university VPN access should be seamless.  Otherwise, it is possible to select 'Institutional Access' (sometimes called 'Shibboleth') then select 'University of Cambridge', you will then be asked to login via Raven.

Annual Reviews

For over fifty years 'Annual Review of Astronomy & Astrophysics' has been a key source in astronomy.  All the Annual Review volumes are available back to 1963, including those in other subjects, such as the 'Earth and Planetary Sciences' volumes.  Click here:

Astronomical Society of the Pacific

The major series of conferences supported by the ASP are all available.  Now over 500 volumes.  Click here: 

Cambridge Core

A great many books and journals published by Cambridge University Press are available on Cambridge Core.  It also includes IAU Symposia volumes.  Books are normally broken down by chapter with indiviaul pdf files to down load.  Click here: 

EDP Sciences

Best known as the publishers of the journal 'Astronomy & Astrophysics' as well as access to the journal there are books and conference proceedings by the European Astronomical Society.  Click here: 

SPIE Digital Library

A massive resource for technical papers and conference proceedings on telescopes, optics and instrumentation.  Click here: 



Some (but by no means all) the astronomy books and resources from the following publishers are available.  They will require you to select Institutional Access, select University of Cambridge, then carry out a Raven login.

IOP Science

Books published by the Institute of Physics Click here:

Springer Link

One of the major publishers in astronomy, includes the 'Astronomy and Astrophysics Library', Click here: 







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