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Important changes to Library systems

Published on 29/11/2017 

In common with the majority of Cambridge University libraries, there will be important changes to our library systems over the next two months.

Our online catalogue "Newton" will be switched off on Monday 8th January 2018.  Its replacement called "iDiscover" is already available.  "iDiscover" searches one large database of records from all University of Cambridge libraries. It is possible to search just for books in the IoA Library by selecting a filter Library = "Astronomy:Institute of Astronomy Library" from the drop down menu.  Try out iDiscover here.

Borrowing books at the IoA will remain the same, however, the borrowing periods will be slightly different.  Undergraduates can borrow for 28 days (and can renew up to maximum of 168 days).  All other users can borrow for 56 days (and can renew up to maximum of 224 days).  Our policy of no fines will continue.

Because of the changes to systems, the new books display in the Hoyle building library area, will not be changed until some time in January 2018.

If you have any questions about the changes (or about the Library in general), please contact the Departmental Librarian, Mark Hurn, or email ioalib AT

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