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Turn back to the Sixties at the IoA Open Afternoon (Saturday 25th March from 2-6pm)

Published on 20/03/2017 

The 1967 ZONE

Sir Fred Hoyle founded the IOTA – the Institute of Theoretical Astronomy here in 1967. IOTA later merged with the Observatories to become the IoA we have today.

In his science fiction novel of 1966 ‘October the first is too late’ Fred Hoyle describes a pigeon-hole theory of history, where different periods in history can co-exist. For example, in the Europe of the novel, in England the date is 1966, but in France it is still 1917. So with this as a theme, we have created a 1967 Zone for social history, and sixties nostalgia with a sci-fi twist!

It is March 25th 1967 and a civil servant has come down from London and is working at a temporary office at the Cambridge Observatories.

A troubling and mysterious astronomical threat is facing the world, can Fred Hoyle’s new Institute of Theoretical Astronomy help? What is the status of astronomical knowledge at the time?

Slide shows (using a ‘vintage’ 35mm projector) will be held at :
2.45 3.30 4.30 5.30

These will be short (20 minutes) presentations. Places are limited, so please obtain a FREE ticket (available at Reception or in the Library) first. All presentations will take place in the Observatory Meeting Room and will include Q&A time with the IoA's own Librarian, Mark Hurn.

You are welcome to visit the 1967 Zone at any other time this afternoon, when slide shows are not being held.


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