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New Books July 2016

Published on 01/07/2016 

These new books will be on display in the Hoyle Building Library Area for the month of July.  There is a clipboard underneath the display where you can record your interest in any of the books.  The book will then be loaned to you at the end of the month.

Collisionless Shocks in Space Plasmas: Structure and Accelerated Particles / David Burgess and Manfred Scholer  Cambridge University Press, 2015  Cambridge Atmospheric and Space Science Series  ISBN 9780521514590  (75/BUR)

Essential radio astronomy / James J. Condon and Scott M. Ransom  Princeton University Press, 2016  Princeton series in modern observational astronomy ISBN 9780691137797 (61/CON)

Calibration and standardization of missions and large surveys in astronomy and astrophysics: proceedings of a conference held at Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory, Batavia, Illinois, April 2012 / edited by Susana Deustua et al.  San Francisco: Astronomical Society of the Pacific, 2016  ASP Conference Series volume 503  ISBN 9781583818909  (B.7.1)

Galaxies Masses as Constraints of Formation Models: proceedings of the 311st Symposium of the IAU, held Oxford, UK, July 2014 / edited by Michele Cappellari and Stephane Courteau  Cambridge University Press, 2015  IAU Symposium volume 311 ISBN 9781107078697  (B.6.1)

Cosmological Applications of Algebraic Quantum Field Theory in Curved Spacetimes / Thomas-Paul Hack  Cham: Springer, 2016  Springer Briefs in Mathematical Physics 6  ISBN 9783319218939  (137/HAC)

Relativity for Everyone: How Space-Time Bends  Second Edition / Kurt Fischer  Cham: Springer, 2015  Undergraduate Lecture Notes in Physics  ISBN 9783319178905  (45/FIS)

Joseph Ibn Nahmias: The Light of the World: Astronomy in Al-Andalus / edited & translated by Robert G. Morrison  Berkeley : University of California Press, 2016  ISBN 9780520287990  (3/NAH/M)

Equations of Motion in Relativistic Gravity / Dirk Puetzfeld et al. (editors)  Cham: Springer, 2015  Fundamental Theories of Physics 179  ISBN 9783319183343  (45/PUE)

Cartography of the Sun and the Stars / Jean-Pierre Rozelot, Coralie Neiner (editors)  Switzerland: Springer, 2016  Lecture Notes in Physics 914  ISBN 9783319241494  (53/ROZ)

Heliophysics: Active Stars, their Astrospheres, and Impacts on Planetary Environments / Edited by Carolus J. Schrijver et al.  Cambridge University Press, 2016  ISBN 9781107090477  (75/SCH)

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