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Famous astronomy books in exhibition to celebrate 600 years of Cambridge University Library

Published on 15/03/2016 

Some of the most famous books in the history of astronomy are currently on display in the exhibition centre of the University Library.  These include a copy of the 'De Revolutionibus' of Copernicus (1543) and the copy of 'Principia' (1687) that belonged to Isaac Newton himself!  There are several other old astronomical volumes on display, and also some more modern items illustrating the work of Arthur Eddington on gravity, and the discovery of Pulsars in Cambridge.

Not only Astronomy is represented, but many of the great cultural and scientific treasures held by the Library are on display so celebrate 600 years of its existance.  Well worth a visit, the exhibition is free, and open until the end of September 2016.

If you can't make to the exhibition in person (or just want to enjoy some fascinating images on your screen) there is an online virtual version you can see if you CLICK HERE

The exhibition is on at the Milstein Exhibition Centre until 30/09/2016


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