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New Books for March

Published on 01/03/2016 

These new books will be on display in the Hoyle Building Library Area during March.  You are welcome to have a look at them, but please don't take them away!  There is a clipboard underneath the display where you can reserve books and they will be delivered to you at the end of the month.

Inspiration of Astronomical Phenomena VIII: City of Stars.  Proceedings of a confence held at American Museum of Natural History, New York, July 2013 / Edited by Brian Patrick Abbott  San Francisco: Astronomical Society of the Pacific, 2015.  ASP Conference Series volume 501  ISBN 9781583818862  (B.7.1)

Astrophysics and the Evolution of the Universe / Leonard S. Kisslinger  Singapore: World Scientific, 2014  ISBN 9789814520904  (48/KIS)

Where physics went wrong / Bernard Lavenda  Singapore: World Scientific, 2015  ISBN 9789814632928  (140/LAV)

The Cambridge Double Star Atlas / Bruce MacEvoy and Wil Tirion  Second Edition Cambridge University Press, 2015  ISBN 9781107534209  (D.1.3)

Archaeoastronomy: Introduction to the Science of Stars and Stones / Giulio Magli  Cham: Springer, 2016  Undergraduate Lecture Notes in Physics  ISBN 9783319228815  (5/MAG)

Tidal Streams in the Local Group and Beyond: Observations and Implications / Heidi Jo Newberg & Jeffrey L. Carlin (editors)  Cham: Springer, 2016  Astrophysics and Space Science Library 420  ISBN 9783319193359  (126/NEW)

Black Holes: A Student Text / Derek Raine & Edwin Thomas  Third Edition  London: Imperial College Press, 2015  ISBN 9781783264827  (58/RAI)

Space-Time Foliation in Quantum Gravity / Yuki Sato  Tokyo: Springer, 2014  Springer Theses  ISBN 9784431549468  (45/SAT)

From Ordered to Chaotic Motion in Celestial Mechanics / YiSui Sun and Li-Yong Zhou  Singapore: World Scientific, 2016  ISBN 9789814630542  (40/SUN)

De Sitter Invariant Special Relativity / Mu-Lin Yan  Singapore: World Scientific, 2015  ISBN 9789814618700  (45/YAN)


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