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New Books for August

Published on 04/08/2015 

These new books will be on display in the Hoyle Building Library Area during August.  You are welcome to have a look at them, but please don't take them away!  There is a clipboard underneath the display where you can reserve books and they will be delivered to you at the end of the month.


General Relativity and Gravitation: A Centennial Perspective / edited by Abhay Ashtekar et al.  Cambridge University Press, 2015  ISBN 9781107037311  (45/ASH)

What does a black hole look like? / Charles D. Bailyn  Princeton University Press, 2014  ISBN 9780691148823  (58/BAI)

The runes of evolution: How the Universe became self-aware / Simon Conway Morris  West Conshohocken: Templeton Press, 2015  ISBN 9781599474649  (7/CON)

Mt John: The first 50 years. A celebration of half a century of optical astronomy at the University of Canterbury / John Hearnshaw & Alan Gilmore  Christchurch: Canterbury University Press, 2015  ISBN 9781927145623  (NEW ZEALAND)

The Large Scale Structures: A Window on the Dark Components of the Universe / Stephane Ilic  Cham: Springer, 2014  Springer Theses  ISBN 9783319077451  (131/ILI)

Return to the far side of Planet Moore!  Rambling through observations, friendships and antics of Sir Patrick Moore / Martin Mobberley  Cham: Springer, 2015  ISBN 9783319157795  (3/MOO/M)

Planetary Vistas: The Landscapes of Other Worlds / Paul Murdin  Cham: Springer, 2015  ISBN 9783319152417  (109/MUR)

Determination of Atmospheric Parameters of B-, A-, F- and G- Type Stars: Lectures from the School of Spectroscopic Data Analyses / Ewa Niemczura et al. (editors)  Cham: Springer, 2014  ISBN 9783319069555  (116/NIE)

The Solar System / Michael A. Seeds and Dana E. Backman 9th edition Boston: Cengage Learning, 2016  ISBN 9781305120761  (91/SEE)

Interstellarum Deep Sky Atlas / Ronald Stoyan, Stephan Schurig  Cambridge University Press, 2014  ISBN 9781107503380  (D.1.3)

Probing Galaxy Evolution by Unveiling the Structure of Massive Galaxies Across Cosmic Time and in Diverse Environments / Timothy Weinzirl  Cham: Springer, 2015  Springer Theses  ISBN 9783319069586  (57/WEI)

Vindication of Cosmic Biology: Tribute to Sir Fed Hoyle (1915-2001) / edited by Chandra Wickramasinghe   Singapore: World Scientific, 2015  ISBN 9789814675253  (7/WIC)


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