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New Books for August

Published on 01/08/2014 

New month: new books!  These new books will be on display in the Hoyle Building Library Area during August.  You are welcome to have a look at them, but please don't take them away!  There is a clipboard underneath the display where you can reserve books and they will be delivered to you at the end of the month.

Discovering the Universe / Neil F. Comins and William J. Kaufmann III  Tenth Edition  New York: W.H. Freeman, 2014  ISBN 9781464140860  (8/COM)

Space-time symmetry and Quantum Yang-Mills gravity: How space-time translational gauge symmetry enables the unification of gravity with other forces / Jong-Ping Hsu with Leonardo Hsu  Singapore: World Scientific, 2014  Advanced Series on Theoretical Physical Science, Volume 11  ISBN 9789814436182  (45/HSU)

The practical Einstein: Experiments, patents, inventions / Jozsef Illy  Baltimore: The Johns Hopkins University Press, 2012  ISBN 9781421411712  (3/EIN/I)

The Cosmic Cocktail: three parts dark matter / Katherine Freese  Princeton University Press, 2014  ISBN 9780691153353  (138/FRE)

Multi-spin galaxies: proceedings of a conference held at Napoli, Italy in 2013 / edited by Enrichetta Iodice and Enrico Maria Corsini  San Francisco: Astronomical Society of the Pacific, 2014  ASP Conference Series Vol. 486  ISBN 9781583818565  (B.7.1)

William Parsons, 3rd Earl of Rosse: Astronomy and the castle in nineteenth-century Ireland / edited by Charles Mollan  Manchester University Press, 2014  ISBN 9780719091445  (3/PAR/M)

Gravity: Newtonian, Post-Newtonian, Relativistic / Eric Poisson and Clifford M. Will  Cambridge University Press, 2014  ISBN 9781107032866  (46/POI)

Non-linear data analysis on the sphere: The quest for anomalies in the cosmic microwave background / Gregor Rossmanith  Cham: Springer, 2013  Springer Theses  ISBN 9783319003085  (138/ROS)

Probing the early universe with the CMB scalar, vector and tensor bispectrum  / Maresuke Shiraishi  Tokyo: Springer, 2013  Springer Theses  ISBN 9784431541790  (136/SHI)

6th Conference on hot subdwarf stars and related objects:n proceedings of the conference held at Steward Observatory, Tucson. Arizona, May 2013 / edited by V. Van Grootel et al. San Francisco: Astronomical Society of the Pacific, 2014  ASP Conference Series Vol. 481  ISBN 9781583818466  (B.7.1)

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