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New Books for January 2014

Published on 10/01/2014 

The new books for January are now on display in the Library Area of the Hoyle building:

The Square Kilometre Array: paving the way for the new 21st century radio astronomy
paradigm.  Proceedings of Symposium 7 of JENAM 2010 / edited by Domingos Barbosa et
al.  Berlin: Springer-Verlag, 2012  Astrophysics and Space Science Proceedings  
ISBN 9783642227943  (23/BAR)
From dust to life: the origin and evolution of our solar system / John Chambers and
Jacqueline Mitton  Princeton University Press, 2014  ISBN 9780691145228  (56/CHA)
Life beyond Earth: The search for habitable worlds in the universe / Athena
Coustenis and Therese Encrenaz  Cambridge University Press, 2013  ISBN
9781107026179  (7/COU)
Comets! Visitors from deep space / David J. Eicher Cambridge University Press,
2013  ISBN 9781107622777  (104/EIC)
Unseen cosmos: the universe in radio / Francis Graham-Smith  Oxford University
Press, 2013  ISBN 9780199660582  (61/GRA)
Henri Poincare: A scientific biography / Jeremy Gray  Priceton University Press,
2013  ISBN 9780691152714  (3/POI/G)
New trends in radio astronomy in the ALMA era: The 30th anniversary of Nobeyama
Radio Observatory: Proceedings of a symposium held at Hakone, Japan, December 2012
/ edited by Ryohei Kawabe et al.  San Francisco: Astronomical Society of the
Pacific, 2013  ASP Conference Series Volume 476  ISBN 9781583818367  (B.7.1)
Astrophysics through computation: with Mathematica Support / Brian Koberlein and
David Meisel  Cambridge University Press, 2013  ISBN 9781107010741  (26/KOB)
Die Astronomische Gesellschaft 1863-2013: Bilder und Geschichten aus 150 Jahren /
Herausgegeben von Dietrich Lemke  Heidelberg, 2013  ISBN 9783980517676  (4/LEM)
Mercury / T.J. Mahoney  New York: Springer, 2014  ISBN 9781461472070  (92/MAH)
Local Group Cosmology / Edited by David Martinez-Delgado  Cambridge University
Press, 2013  Canary Islands Winter School of Astrophysics, Volume 20 ISBN
9781107023802  (136/MAR)
Our mathematical universe: my quest for the ultimate nature of reality / Max
Tegmark London: Allen Lane, 2014  ISBN 9781846144769  (11/TEG)


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