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New books for September 2012

Published on 14/08/2012 

The following new books will be placed on display in the Hoyle building library area at the start of September.  There is a clip-board underneath where you can reserve books.

John Isaac Plummer, Victorian Astronomer and Meteorologist / Dr.J.M. Appleton 5th ed. 08 June 2012 (3/PLU/A)

The ballet of the planets: On the mathmatical elegance of planetary motion/ Donald C. Benson New York Oxford University Press 2012 ISBN: 9780199891009 (5/BEN)

A student's guide to data and error analysis/ Herman J.C. Berendsen New York Cambridge University Press 2011 ISBN: 9780521134927 (26/BER)

Advances in computational astrophysics: Methods, tools, and outcomes/ Edited by R. Capuzzo-Dolcetta, M. Limpongi and A. Tornambe San Francisco: Astronomical Society of the Pacific, 2011 Conference Series vol. 453 ISBN 9781583817889 (B.7.1)

Tracing the ancestry of galaxies: On the land of our ancestors/ Edited by Claude Carignan, Francoise Combes and Ken C. Freeman Cambridge University Press 2011 Proceedings of the International Astronomical Union ISBN: 9780521766029 (B.6.1)

Reports on Astronomy/ Edited by Ian F. Corbett Cambridge University Press 2011, Proceedings of the Astronomical Union IAU Transactions XXVIIIA ISBN: 9781107019874 (C.22.1)

Nanodust in the Solar System: Discoveries and interpretations/ edited by Ingrid Mann, Nicole Meyer-Vernet and Andrzej Czechowski Berlin: Springer 2012 Astrophysics and Space Science Library 385 ISBN: 9783642275425 (108/MAN)

Gamma ray bursts/ Edited by J. E. McEnery, J. L. Racusin and N. Gehrils New York 2011 American Institute of Physics Conference proceedings 1358, Annapolis November 2010 ISBN: 9780735409163 (68/McE)

Numerical modeling of space plasma flows astronum 2011/ Edited by Nikolai V. Pogorelov, J. Antonio Font, Edouard Audit and Gary P. Zank San Francisco: Astronomical Society of the Pacific, 2011 Conference series vol. 459 ISBN: 9781583818008 (B.7.1)

Planetary systems beyond the main sequence/ edited by Sonja Schuh, Horst Drechsel and Ulrich Heber New York 2011, American Institute of Physics Conference Procedings 1331, Bamberg August 2011 ISBN: 97807354088869 (109/SCH)

The formation and early evolution of stars: From dust to stars and planets / Norbert S. Schulz  2nd ed.  Hiedelberg: Springer 2012 Astronomy and Astrophysics Library ISBN: 9783642239250 (57/SCH)

Ancient astronomical observations and the study of the moon's motion (1691-1757)/ John M. Steele New York: Springer 2012 Sources and Studies in the History of Mathematics and Physical Sciences ISBN: 9781461421481 (43/STE)

Coronal Seismology: Waves and oscillations in Stellar Coronae/ A.V. Stepanov, V.V. Zaitsez and V.M Nakariakov Germany: Wiley-VCH 2012 ISBN: 9783527409945 (52/STE)

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