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Published on 29/02/2012 

The following new books will be on display in the Hoyle Building library area for the month of March.  If you would like to reserve one of these books, please write your details on the clipboard underneath the display or contact the Librarian.

Handbook of X-ray astronomy / Edited by Keith Arnaud et al. Cambridge University Press, 2011 Cambridge Observing Handbooks for Research Astronomers 7  ISBN 9780521883733  (65/ARN)

Radio pulsars: and astrophysical key to unlock the secrets of the universe: Chia (Sardinia) 10-15 October 2010 / Editors Marta Burgay et al.  New York : American Institute of Physics, 2011.  AIP Conference Proceedings 1357  ISBN 9780735409156  (58/BUR)

Ambartsumian's legacy and active universe / Haik Harutyunian et al.  New York: Springer, 2011  ISBN 9781461401810  (3/AMB/H)

The 16th Cambridge workshop on cool stars, stellar systems, and the Sun (Seattle, September 2010)/ Edited by Christopher M. Johns-Krull et al.  San Francisco: Astronomical Society of the Pacific Conference Series Vol. 448, 2011  ISBN 9781583817766  (B.7.1)

The chemical cosmos: a guided tour / Steve Miller  New York: Springer, 2012  ISBN 9781441984432  (57/MIL)

Star clusters in the era of large surveys: proceedings of Symposium 5 of JENAM 2010 / Andre Moitinho & Joao Alves (editors)  Berlin: Springer-Verlag, 2012  ISBN 9783642221125  (123/MOI)

Let there be light: the story of light from atoms to galaxies / Alex Montwill & Ann Breslin  London: Imperial College Press, 2008  ISBN 9781860948503  (145/MON)

Foundation mathematics for the physical sciences / K.F. Riley & M.P. Hobson  Cambridge University Press, 2011  ISBN 9780521192736  (150/RIL)

Foundation mathematics for the physical sciences: student solution manual / K.F. Riley & M.P. Hobson  Cambridge University Press, 2011  ISBN 9780521141048  (150/RIL)

Pulsars: discoveries, functions and formation / Peter A. Travelle (editor) New York: Nova, 2011  ISBN 9781611229820  (58/TRA)

The astronomy revolution: 400 years of exploring the cosmos  /Edited by Donald G. York et al.  Boca Raton FL: CRC Press, 2012  ISBN 9781439836002  (5/YOR)

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