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Victorian-era telescope dome demolished in 1957

Published on 07/12/2011 

We have just today saved into our digital repository DSpace a scan showing the demolition of the Newall dome at the Cambridge Observatory in 1957. The dome was designed by a wealthy engineer Robert Stirling Newall (1812-1889) for his great refractor of 25inches by Thomas Cooke. At the time it was the largest telescope of its type in the world.  The dome was desgned to be prefabricated and was orginally used to house the telescope on Newall's estate, 'Ferndene' in Gateshead being set up around 1871. It was transferred with the telescope to Cambridge in 1889. By the 1950's the dome was in a poor condition and it was not taken when the telescope itself was transferred to Athens where it survives in a new dome.  Click here to see the colour image.

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