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New books display for June

Published on 01/06/2011 

These new books will be on display in the Hoyle Building library area for the month of June.  There is a clipboard underneath the display where you can reserve books.


Self-organized criticality in astrophysics: the statistics of nonlinear processes in the Universe / Markus Aschwanden  Berlin: Springer, 2011  ISBN 9783642150005  (158/ASC)

Heaven and Earth in Ancient Greek cosmology: from Thales to Heraclides Ponticus / Dirk L. Couprie  New York Springer, 2011  Astrophysics and Space Science Library 374  ISBN 9781441981158  (5/COU)

Physics of the interstellar and intergalactic medium / Bruce T. Draine  Princeton University Press, 2011  Princeton Series in Astrophysics  ISBN 9780691122144  (54/DRA)

Principles of stellar interferometry / Andreas Glindemann  Berlin: Springer, 2011  Astronomy and Astrophysics Library  ISBN 9783642150272  (18/GLI)

The theory of selfvariations / Emmanuil Manousos  Athens: Hellenic Physical Society, 2011  ISBN 9603966398  (137/MAN)

Promordial cosmology / Giovanni Montani et al.  Singapore: World Scientific, 2011  ISBN 9789814271004  (137/MON)

Space technologies for the benefit of human society and Earth / Phillip Olla (Editor)  Springer, 2009  ISBN 9781402095726  (28/OLL)

The transit of Venus enterprise in Victorian Britain / Jessica Ratcliff  London: Pickering & CHatto, 2008  Science and Culture in the Nineteenth Century  ISBN 9781851965410  (5/RAT)

Dynamics of small solar system bodies and exoplanets / Jean Souchay and Rudolf Dvorak (editors)  Berlin: Springer, 2010  Lecture Notes in Physics 790  ISBN 9783642044571  (40/SOU)

An introduction to star formation / Derek Ward-Thompson and Anthony P. Whitworth  Cambridge University Press, 2011  ISBN 9780521630306  (57/WAR)

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