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New books for May

Published on 27/04/2011 

The following new books will be on display through the month of May in the Hoyle Building library area.  You can reserve them using the clipboard underneath the display.

Physics and astrophysics of neutron stars and black holes / R. Giacconi and R. Ruffini  Second Edition.  Cambridge Scientific Publishers, 2009  ISBN 9781904868712  (58/GIA)

Discoverers of the Universe: William and Caroline Herschel / Michael Hoskin  Princeton University Press, 2011  ISBN 9780691148335 (3/HER/H)

Higher speculations: grand theories and failed revolutions in physics and cosmology / Helge Kragh  Oxford University Press, 2011  ISBN 9780199599882  (5/KRA)

V.A. Ambartsumian: selected papers: stars, nebulae and galaxies: Part 1 / edited by G. Meylan  Cambridge Scientific Publishers, 2010  Advances in astronomy and astrophysics Vol. 10 ISBN 9781904868262 (3/AMB/M)

Essential mathematical methods for the physical sciences / K.F. Riley and M.P. Hobson  Cambridge University Press, 2011  ISBN 9780521761147  (150/RIL)

Essential mathematical methods for the physical sciences: Student solution manual / K.F. Riley and M.P. Hobson  Cambridge University Press, 2011  ISBN 9780521141024  (150/RIL)

Spiral Galaxy: The Milky Way unravelled / a film by Maarten Roos and Pieter-Rim de Kroon.  Lightcurve Films, 2009.  45 minute DVD film in Dutch with English subtitles  (Library Office)

UP2010: have observations revealed a variable upper end of the initial mass function? Proceedings of a conference held at Sedona, Arizona, June 2010 / edited by Marie Treyer et al.  Astronomical Society of the Pacific Conference Series Volume 440: 2011  ISBN 9781583817605  (B.7.1)

Signature of the celestial spheres: discovering order in the solar system / Hartmut Warm  Sophia Books, 2010  ISBN 9781855842359  (40/WAR)

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