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New Books - March 2011

Published on 25/02/2011 

Books to be on display during MARCH in the Hoyle Building library area. If you wish to borrow any of these books, please fill in your details on the clipboard underneath the display, the book will be supplied to you when the display is changed.

Galaxies and their masks: a conference in honour of K.C. Freeman, FRS / David L. Block, Kenneth C. Freeman, Ivanio Puerari (editors) New York: Springer, 2010 ISBN 9781441973160 (129/BLO)

Moon: a brief history / Bernd Brunner. Yale University Press, 2010 ISBN 97803000152128 (94/BRU)

On sunspots / Galileo Galilei & Christoph Scheiner, translated and introduced by Eileen Reeves & Albert Van Helden. The University of Chicago Press, 2010 ISBN 9780226707167 (72/GAL)

Water in the universe / Arnold Hanslmeier Dordrecht: Springer, 2011 Astrophysics and Space Science Library ISBN 9789048199839 (7/HAN)

Cometography: a catalog of comets, volume 5: 1960-1982 / Gary W. Kronk and Maik Meyer Cambridge University Press, 2010 ISBN 9780521872263 (104/KRO)

High energy astrophysics / Malcolm S. Longair. Third Edition. Cambridge University Press, 2011. ISBN 9780521756181 (58/LON)

Planets: a very short introduction / David A. Rothery. Oxford University Press, 2010 ISBN 9780199573509 (91/ROT)

How old is the universe? / David A. Weintraub. Princeton University Press, 2011. ISBN 9780691147314 (136/WEI)

Weaving the universe: is modern cosmology discovered or invented? / Paul S. Wesson. Singapore: World Scientific, 2011 ISBN 9789814313940 (137/WES)

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