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New Books - February 2011

Published on 07/02/2011 

Books to be on display during FEBRUARY in the Hoyle Building library area. If you wish to borrow any of these books, please fill in your details on the clipboard underneath the display, the book will be supplied to you when the display is changed.

AGN feedback in galaxy formation (proceedings of the workshop held in Vulcano, Italy, May 18-22, 2008) / edited by Vincenzo Antonuccio-Delogu and Joseph Silk Cambridge University Press, 2011 Cambridge Contemporary Astrophysics ISBN 9780521192545 (131/ANT) 
Canonical gravity and applications: cosmology, black holes, and quantum gravity / Martin Bojowald Cambridge University Press, 2011 ISBN 9780521195751 (45/BOJ) 
Gravity's ghost: scientific discovery in the Twenty-first century / Harry Collins The University of Chicago Press, 2011 ISBN 9780226113562 (45/COL) 
Astronomy with radioactivities / Roland Diehl, Dieter H. Hartmann and Nikos Prantzos (editors) Heidelberg: Springer, 2011 Lecture notes in physics 812 ISBN 9783642126970 (52/DIE) 
Geographies of Mars: seeing and knowing the red planet / K. Maria D. Lane The University of Chicago Press, 2011 ISBN 9780226470788 (95/LAN) 
Interstellar matter and star formation: a multi-wavelength perspective (An international workshop held as part of the Homi Bhabha birth centenary celebrations October 5-7, 2009 TIFR Balloon Facility, Hyderabad, India) / edited by D.K. Ojha Bangalore: Astronomical Society of India Conference series volume 1, 2010 (54/OJH) 
Aperture synthesis: methods and applications to optical astronomy / Swapan Kumar Saha New York: Springer, 2011 Astronomy and Astrophysics Library ISBN 9781441957092 (14/SAH) 
Linear isentropic oscillations of stars: theoretical foundations / Paul Smeyers in collaboration with Tim Van Hoolst Heidelberg: Springer, 2010 Astrophysics and Space Science Library 371 ISBN 9783642130298 (52/SME) 
An illustrated guide to relativity / Tatsu Takeuchi Cambridge University Press, 2010 ISBN 9780521763943 (45/TAK) 
On the origin of planets by means of natural simple processes / Michael M. Woolfson London: Imperial College Press, 2011 ISBN 9781848165984 (56/WOO) 
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