Institute of Astronomy

Gaia XPloration: Discovery and measurement with low-resolution spectroscopy

15 May 2023 - 19 May 2023

The ESA Gaia Data Release 3 includes 220 million low-resolution XP spectra. This sample—in scale and format—is unlike any scientific dataset previously available in astrophysics. Our goal is to bring together the collaboration that made this data product with the community that benefits from it, to create new scientific opportunities, by encouraging brainstorming and collective work between DPAC members and Gaia data users. The meeting format will be a set of contributed presentations, plus lots of time for discussion and co-working. This meeting has multiple themes:

  • XPlain: How to use the XP spectra, in the form of spectral basis coefficients or reconstructed spectra or synthetic photometry in narrow bands.
  • XPloit: Discussions and comparisons of physics-driven and data-driven methods for inferring stellar parameters and abundances.
  • XPand: Maximizing the use and understanding of the Gaia XP spectroscopy and derived parameters by the astronomical community.
  • XPress: Spectro-photometric calibration of ground-based data.
  • XPort: Selection of targets for high-resolution spectroscopic, multi-wavelength photometric, or time-domain follow-up.

How to apply

Fill this application form. We will accept applications until March 1st 2023 and will confirm your attendance by March 15th. Update: the registration is now closed. 

SOC: René Andrae, Anthony Brown, Giorgia Busso, Francesca De Angeli, Dafydd W. Evans, Keith Hawkins, David W. Hogg, Adrian Price-Whelan, Hans-Walter Rix

LOC: Giorgia Busso, Francesca De Angeli, Dafydd W. Evans, Simon Hodgkin, Amada J. Smith, Cormac O'Connell

Dates: 2023 May 15,16,17 (main meeting) plus May 18,19 (co-working time).


The meeting will be at the West Hub, East Room 1, Cambridge University for the first three days (15-16-17 May). The extended meeting (co-working time) will be at the Institute of Astronomy

We encourage in-person participation, but an online option will be offered for those who cannot attend in person.

There will be a social dinner on the evening of May 16 at [location tba].

If you would like to contact us, please send an email to

Collaboration policy and code of conduct

The meeting is held under the IoA code of conduct. Please read this and make sure you understand and agree to it before you come to the meeting. Please contact the Organising Committees if you feel that the code of conduct is not being applied consistently throughout the meeting or in the associated activities.

In addition to this policy, we have the following Collaboration Policy:

We strongly encourage participants to work in accordance with principles of open science. Participants will be expected to openly share their project ideas, expertise, code, and interim results. They are encouraged to invite participation from others in their projects. It is inadvisable to bring proprietary data sets or proprietary code to the XPloration, unless the participant bringing such assets has the rights to open them or add collaborators.

Meeting outcome 

On the last day, the wrap up was given from a jointly edited set of 2023 Gaia XPloration Wrap-up Slides, which summarize the accomplishments made throughout the week.

Here the presentations of the attendants. 


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