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Stars, to mark the 80th birthday of Peter Eggleton

14 August 2022 - 20 August 2022

A century ago the theory of stellar evolution was in its infancy.  Ideas abounded on the equation of state, the internal structure and the energy source. The next few decades saw consolidation with Saha' theory of ionization in 1920 leading to Payne's affirmation that the stars are predominantly hydrogen in 1925, Gamov's calculations of quantum mechanical tunnelling in 1925 leading ultimately to the nuclear fusion reactions we understand today.  By fifty years ago we had acquired a good qualitative understanding of the physics of stars and the time was ripe for the first quantitative models of stars.  It was around this time that Peter Eggleton arrived on the scene.  His legacy lives on today in stellar evolution codes used throughout the world.  Today the theory has matured. We can now examine the details, adding extra mixing processes, detailed nucleosynthesis and two or three dimensional effects.

Complementing the theory observations are improving rapidly, asteroseismology reveals internal structure, Gaia's parallaxes give us unprecedented luminosity precision and sensitive mass spectrometric measurements of dust grains test the details of stellar structure, mixing, and nuclear reactions.  The aim of this conference is to bring together international experts working in stellar evolution and observation to consolidate our current understanding and look to what is in store for the future.


  • Asteroseismology
  • Accurate luminosities (Gaia)
  • Nucleosynthesis including spectra and meteoritic abundances
  • Spectroscopy (Gaia-ESO, LAMOST)
  • Stellar winds
  • Rotation, differential rotation and magnetic fields
  • Extra mixing processes
  • Detailed physics including reaction rates, equation of state and opacities
  • Binary and Multiple Stars

SOC: Christopher Tout, Zhanwen Han, Clare Worley, John Lattanzio, Wyn Evans, Onno Pols, Avishai Gilkis

LOC: Christopher Tout (chairman)

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