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20200323:  The videocon meeting has now been POSTPONED until a future date. The material below will be updated when the new date for the meeting is know. 

Please stay safe. 

Programme for the MSE:UK Videocon meeting.

Below is the schedule and current speakers (v20200316). Please check for updates. Talk titles and times subject to change.

When Session/ Title Speaker Slides
Weds 25 Mar 2020 Videocon (Zoom: link via MSE:UK email)    

1: MSE Intro + Science Landscape

Key Science

11.00 Introduction to MSE and UK involvemwnt Ruben Sanchez-Janssen (UKATC)  
11.15 UK Spectroscopic Facility Landscape Malcolm Bremer (TBC) (Bristol)  
11.30 MSE opportunities for Galactic studies Nick Wright (Keele) (TBC)  
11.45 MSE opportunities for ExtraGalactic studies Dan Smith (Herts)   
12.00-13.00 2: Upcoming Spectroscopic Facilities    
12.00 WEAVE Janet Drew (UCL)  
12.15 4MOST Richard McMahon (IoA,Cambridge)  
12.30 DESI Amelie Saintonge (UCL)  
12.45 MOONS Vivienne Wild (St Andrews)  
13.00-14.00 BREAK FOR LUNCH Kei Szeto  
14.00-15.30 3: The MSE Project: Status and Updates    
14.00 MSE Science  Jennifer Marshall (MSE/Texas)  
14.15 MSE Facility Status Kei Szeto  (MSE/Victoria)  
14.30 MSE and the French Particpation  Laurence Tresse (CRAL, Lyon)  
14.45-15.30 4: Galactic Science / MSE:UK focus    
14.45 MSE  and White Dwarfs Boris Gaensicke (Warwick)  
14.55 The Inner Galaxy with MSE Oscar Gonzalez (UKATC)  
15.05 Galactic Chemo-Dynamics with MSE Clare Worley (IoA, Cambridge)  
15.15 Galactic Science Discussion Nic Walton (IoA, Cambridge) (lead)  
16.00-16.45 5: ExtraGalactic Science / MSE:UK focus    
16.00 AGNs with MSE Manda Banerji (IoA, Cambridge)  
16.10 MSE-SKA synergies Matt Jarvis (Oxford)  
16.20 The Local Group with MSE (TBC)  
16.30 ExtraGalactic Science Discussion Aprajita Verma (Oxford) (lead)  
16.45-17.30 6: Summary of Key Science for the UK with MSE and UK MSE Next Steps Ruben Sanchez Janssen (UKATC)  
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