Institute of Astronomy


Thurs 6 Dec 2018

version: 20181127

Splinter:  Exoplanet Pipeline (WP36)
Room: Sackler Lecture Theatre Chair: Nic Walton (IoA)
Time Title Presenter
14:10 WP36 Status and Action Updates N. Walton (IoA)
14:30 PDC-DB and Interfaces with WP36 J. Knoche (MPSSR)
14:50 WP362 Tools and Architecture development G. Rixon (IoA)
15:10 WP11 Updates from  the WP11 Splinter (5 Dec)  Paul Wilson (Warwick)
15:30 Coffee Break
16:00 WP36 work package mapping Nic Walton (ioA)
16:15 WP364/365/366: Status of LC processing/ transit detection/  S. Hodgkin (IoA)
17:00 WP365-300: Update on False-Positive Modelling (also can cover WP366-300) S. Barros (Porto)
17:15 Tools and Architecture for WP36 - further discussion  G. Rixon (IoA)
17:30 WP367-400: Discussion on rationalization of this sub-WP N. Walton (IoA)
17:40 Key Actions and preparing for the L2/L3 requirements review N. Walton (IoA)
18:00 End of Splinter
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