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Weds 5 Dec 2018

version: 20181130

Splinter: Exoplanet Science (WP 11)
Detrending & transit light curve fit (WP 114)
Room: Sackler Lecture Theatre Chair:  N.N. and M. Deleuil (LAM)
Time Title Presenter
14:00 Impact of detrending on PLATO performance: how to reach the 3% radius precision? Sz. Csizmadia (DLR)
14:20 Impact of stellar activity on the characterization of long period planets  S. Barros (Porto)
14:40  The power-2 limb darkening law P. Maxted (Keele)
15:00 PLATO filters: limb darkening, stellar spots (flares, plages, spots) and characterization J. Cabrera (DLR)
15:20 Discussion All
15:30 Coffee Break
Baseline Algorithms / Methods
Room: Sackler Lecture Theatre Chair:  Magali Deleuil (LAM)
16:00 An overview of planet  detection tools (WP112) J. Cabrera (DLR)
16:20 Kepler detrending: applicability to PLATO long-term detrending J. McCormac (Warwick)
16:40 Ranking of exoplanetary candidates (WP113) H. Osborn (LAM)
16:50 Short Break All
17:00 Discussion  
18:00 End of Splinter 
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