Institute of Astronomy


Weds 5 Dec 2018

version: 20181127

Room:  Ryle Meeting Room Chair: Valery Mogulsky (OHB)
Time Title Presenter
09:00 Outcome of the IPDR: action items and way forward OHB
09:30 FEE PDR: schedule, procedure, ADs, datapacks OHB
10:15 Statement of compliance to N-FEE URD issue 4 (MSSL) including foreseen requirement changes (OHB) MSSL / OHB
12:30 Lunch
13:30 Video chain gain and offset requirements OHB
14:00 Status of FPGA specs in view of N-FEE URD issue 4 and FFE-to-DPU IRD issue 1.0 MSSL
15:00 Overview of IRDs and ICDs status   
15:45 Compliance to PGDR, SpWire Spec, EMC/RFC requirements etc.  MSSL
16:30 Wrap-up  
17:00 End of Splinter
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