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Thurs 6 Dec 2018

version: 20181130

CCD WG Meeting #16
Room:  Earth Science  Meeting Room Chair: Alan Smith (MSSL)
Time Title Presenter
09:00 Introduction/Welcome/Apologies  A. Smith (MSSL)
09:05 Project overview  Y. Levillain (ESA)
09:15 e2V contract status overview  Y. Levillain (ESA)
09:30 Action review (not Radiation damage related) A. Smith (MSSL), All
10:00 Action review (Radiation damage related)  A. Smith (MSSL), All
10:30 Progress reports on CCD testing and facilities:  
MSSL report  D. Walton/Gow (MSSL)
DLR   H. Michaelis (DLR)
11:30 CCD – FPA   
FPA integration and alignment update M. Mas Hesse (INTA)
11:45 Report from WGs   
DPA-WG  R. Samadi (LESIA)
Performance Team Serrano-Velarde (OHB)
12:15 Lunch Break
13:15 CTI mitigation: list of mandatory information requested for CTI correction processing (on-ground/in-orbit)  
13:45 CCD Reverse clocking operations   
14:15 CCD FWC tuning and Bright stars photometry:  
ESA presentation of CCD behaviour Image clock High wrt  Charge Handling Capacity; Y. Levillain (ESA), PV
Science Team presentation of bright Star photometry  retrieval process  PMC: TBA
Discussion on way forward  All
16:15 Performance Impact Assessment table review  A. Smith (MSSL)
16:45 AOB  
17:15 Date of future meeting   
17:30 End of Splinter
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