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Weds 5 Dec 2018

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Cleanliness & Contamination Control WG (C&CC WG)
Room Hoyle Committee Room  Chair: Livio Bianchini (OHB)
Time Title Presenter
09:00 Cleanliness basics  OHB
(Generalities, budget, implementation, samples, verification, procedures, means…)
09:40 Cleanliness lesson learned OHB - ESA
10:15 Recall on requirements flow-down principle OHB
10:30 Requirement status and unit qualification status overview OHB
10:45 Coffee Break
11:00 Action status from previous meetings OHB
11:15 Outcome of the C&CC Platform working group and/or relevant points impacting P/L ESA
11:45 Units Presentation (*) All
12:30 Lunch Break
13:30 Units Presentation (*) All
15:30 Coffee Break
17:00 way forward -  conclusions – MoM  
  (*) Topics to address in the units presentation:  
1. Compliance to ISO 14644: 2015 
        a) periodicity of verification by an external company 
        b) used measurement methods 
                - frequency of calibration 
        c) monitoring plan (needs to be approved) 
2. List of all used PAC and MOC measurements methods at each area 
        - what is the accuracy of each of this method 
3. Accuracy of MOC and PAC inspection methods (visual inspection) 
4. Incoming inspection 
5. Outgoing inspection (SOC) 
6. FRR for TVAC test 
7. Storage and transport conditions
18:00 End of Splinter
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