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Child Care Facilities

Aiming to encourage parents and carers attending the Plato Week 7 meeting, we are pleased to offer child care services to all registered participants.

We have selected a professional UK-based company (Bluey and Baloo, that specialises in delivering first-class event child care to exhibitions, conferences and festivals. This means you will be able to attend the Plato Week 7 sessions knowing your child is not only having fun but is also in the best of care!

The service is available conditionally upon sufficient demand at the participants' expenses and only upon registration. The type of child care (creche or nanny) and cost will depend on the number of children.

Congress attendees who require child care services should notify the LOC at by October the 1st.

Once registered, you will be emailed with further information as Plato Week 7 approaches, including drop off times and locations. Please note that attendees are required to remain within the Institute of Astronomy grounds while their children are being minded.

Page last updated: 25 November 2018 at 11:12