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Abstracts and talks: Plato Theory Workshop 2018


Please find below the abstracts at the Plato Theory Workshop 2018 and digital version of the talks where provided. 

WP116 100: Composition and Formation of Gas and Ice Giants 

Nadine Nettelman: Abstract

Lena Noack: Abstract

Julia Venturini:

Sergei Nayakshin

Jack Humphries: Abstract

William Bethune:

WP116 200: Mass-radius Terrestrial Planets 

Caroline Dorn: Abstract

WP116 330: The Assembly of Planetary Systems

Michiel Lambrechts: Abstract

Natacha Brugger: Abstract

Anders Johansen:       Talk

Alessandro Morbidelli: Talk

Christoph Mordasini:    Talk

WP116 310: Protoplanetary Disc Models 

Richard Alexander: Abstract      Talk

Antoine Riols: Abstract

Giovanni Rosotti: Abstract      Talk

Henrik Latter: Talk

Lucio Mayer: Abstract

WP116 350: Planet Formation and Evolution in Binary Systems

Kedron Silsbee: Abstract

Wilhelm Kley: Talk

Richard Nelson:

WP116 340: The Long-Term Post-Formation Dynamical Evolution of Planetary Systems

Gabriele Pichierri: Abstract

WP116 600: Dynamical Interactions in Multi-Planet Systems 

Jacques Laskar: Abstract

Antoine Petit: Talk

WP116 630: Tidal Dissipation and Evolution in Multi-Planet Systems 

Adrian Barker

Francesco Marzari

Gwenael Boue

WP116 640: Rotational Evolution in Multiple Systems 

Melaine Saillenfest:       Talk

Emeline Bolmont

Stephane Mathis

Jeremy Ahuir: Talk

WP116 320: Disc-Planet Interactions

Ewa Szuszkiewicz:

Francesco Marzari

Colin McNally

Farzana Meru:      Talk

WP116 380: Statistical Comparisions between Theory and PLATO Data

Yann Alibert: Abstract

Judit Szulagyi:

Adrien Leleu: Abstract

WP116 360: The influence of Birth Evolution on the Formation and Evolution of Planetary Systems 

Andrew Winter: Abstract

Alexander Mustill: Abstract     Talk

Mark Wyatt: Abstract     Talk

Poster presentations

Aurelien Crida (WP116 200): 

Philipp Baumeister (WP116 200)

Sebastiano Padovan and Frank Sohl (WP116 200)

Marco Cilibrasi (WP116 380): Poster

Yeva Geborgyan (WP116 630)

Jeff Jennings (WP116 600): Poster

Ken Rice: Poster

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