Institute of Astronomy

The disc migration issue: from protoplanets to supermassive black holes

22 May 2017 - 24 May 2017

Conference rationale

This workshop is motivated by the broad similarities surrounding the theory of disc mediated migration on scales ranging from protoplanetary discs to galactic nuclei. Migration theory thus underpins our understanding of some of the most topical problems in contemporary astrophysics, i.e. the establishment of planetary system `architecture' and the processes driving the merging of black holes.

We invite participants from both the protoplanetary disc and gravitational wave communities to attend this three day meeting which will address theory and numerical simulations of migration as well as its broader implications. We will also discuss new  opportunities in both fields for observational calibration of the migration process (e.g. by observations using ALMA, SPHERE, GPI, LIGO, LISA, PTA, ....).


Phil Armitage
Cathie Clarke (chair)
Davide Gerosa
Zoltan Haiman
Willi Kley
Giuseppe Lodato
Roman Rafikov
Alberto Sesana

Invited speakers

Richard Alexander (Leicester)
Enrico Barausse (IAP)
Tamara Bogdanovic (Georgia Tech.)
Massimo Dotti (Milano-Bicocca)
Daniel Dorazio (CfA)
Eric Jensen (Swarthmore)
Bence Kocsis (Eotvos)
Andrew MacFadyen (NYU)
Ji-Ming Shi (Princeton)
Stephen Taylor (JPL)
Zhaohuan Zhu (Nevada)


Sandra Berner
Cathie Clarke (chair)
Farzana Meru
Giovanni Rosotti (deputy chair)
Jean Teyssandier


Local Organising Committee can be emailed at

Abstract submission

The abstract submission is now closed. Successful applicants will be informed by the end of March.


We gratefully acknowledge funding from the Kavli Foundation and from a grant from the Templeton Foundation held by Prof. Martin Rees.

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