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Talks / Slides

Please find below the slides of all talks that have been made available to us.

Theme 1: The interaction of cluster galaxies with their host

Remco van der Burg
The distribution of galaxies and stellar mass in galaxy clusters since redshift 1 (PDF)

Yannick Bahe
The Hydrangea simulations: galaxy clusters and their surroundings with resolved satellites (PDF)

Chris Lidman
The stellar mass growth of Brightest Cluster Galaxies over the past 10 billion years (PDF)

Joe Mohr
Galaxy Cluster ICM and Stellar Mass Fraction Trends with Mass and Redshift within the SPT Sample (PDF)

Aurora Simionescu
Thermodynamical properties and chemical enrichment in the outskirts of the nearest, brightest clusters of galaxies (PDF)

Andrey Kravtsov
Splashback shells as a physical boundary of dark matter halos (PDF)

Simon White
Splashback, assembly bias and subhalo disruption in redMaPPer clusters (PDF)

Theme 2: AGN feedback, cluster cores & outskirts

Andy Fabian
Recent results on AGN feedback in clusters (PDF)

Rebecca Canning
AGN in dense environments: Cluster AGN Topography Survey (PDF)

Chris Power
The Gaseous Outskirts of Galaxy Clusters (PDF)

Brian McNamara
Feedback Stimulated by Uplift in Galaxies (PDF)

Helen Russell
Massive molecular gas flows and AGN feedback in galaxy clusters (PDF)

Andra Stroe
Giant cosmic tsunamis: reconciling observations and models of cluster radio relics (PDF)

Kaustuv Basu
Galaxy cluster physics from the thermal/non-thermal connection (PDF)

Christoph Pfrommer
Cosmic ray heating in cool core clusters (PDF)

Myriam Gitti
Radio mini-halos and gas heating in cool cores: insights from future radio surveys (PDF)

Rainer Weinberger
Modeling feedback from AGN jets (PDF)

Jeremy Sanders
Episodic feedback in the core of the Centaurus cluster (PDF)

Elena Rasia
Hydro-dynamical simulations: AGN feedback and influence on the ICM of Galaxy Clusters (PDF)

David Barnes
C-EAGLE: simulating galaxy clusters with EAGLE (PDF)

Scott Kay
MACSIS - hydrodynamical simulations of the most massive clusters in the universe (PDF)

Theme 3: How does the uncertainty in the astrophysics affect clusters as cosmological probes?

Adam Mantz
Weighing the Giants: Scaling Relations of Galaxy Clusters (PDF)

Lindsey Bleem
Cluster Cosmology with the South Pole Telescope (PDF)

Monique Arnaud
Evolution and scatter of the cluster population and cosmology with X-ray and SZ samples (PDF)

Alex Saro
Optically selected clusters from DES science verification data and their SPT-SZE signature (PDF)


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