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Published on 28/09/2016 

A full list of talks and posters from the conference can be found below. Please click on the talk title to see the abstract and, where provided, the presentation.

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Full list of conference talks

Title Speaker Date
COMPAS Compact Object Mergers: Population Astrophysics and Statistics Alejandro Vigna-Gomez 25 July 2016
Binary Star Populations in Clusters Alison Sills 25 July 2016
Investigating Multiplicity of Binary Stars and the Nature of Substellar Companions with Greek 2.3m Aristarchos Telescope Eleftheria-Panagota Christopoulou 25 July 2016
Efficient Formation of Exotic Binaries from Hierarchical Triples and Wide Binaries in the Field Erez Michaely 25 July 2016
Stellar triples in PHOEBE Kyle Conroy 25 July 2016
Mind your Ps and Qs: the Interrelation between Binary Orbital Periods P and Mass Ratios Q Max Moe 25 July 2016
Studying Binary Populations with Eclipsing Binaries in the GAIA Era Nami Mowlavi 25 July 2016
COS Spectroscopy of White Dwarf Companions to Blue Stragglers Natalie Gosnell 25 July 2016
The Many Faces of Very Massive Binaries in Tight Orbits Pablo Marchant 25 July 2016
Alternative Pathways of Stellar Evolution in Open Clusters Robert Mathieu 25 July 2016
Binary Star Populations: on Double Black Holes, Core Collapse Supernovae and Ionizing Photons Selma de Mink 25 July 2016
The Theory of Multiple Star Formation Simon Goodwin 25 July 2016
The Life of a Black-hole Binary Sverre Aarseth 25 July 2016
Naked He-burning Stars: the Physics of the Stripping Mechanism and their UV Properties Ylva Götberg 25 July 2016
Dynamical Effects of Wide Binaries on Kepler Planets Alex Mustill 26 July 2016
Observations of Planets in Binary Systems Armaury Triaud 26 July 2016
The Newly Discovered Dusty Post-RGB Binaries and their Implications on Stellar Evolution Devika Kamath 26 July 2016
Binaries and Large Spectroscopic Surveys Edita Stonkute 26 July 2016
Post AGB Binaries and their Circumbinary Discs Hans Van Winckel 26 July 2016
3D AMR Hydrodynamic Simulations of Common Envelope Interactions between Red Giants and Low-mass Companions Jan Staff 26 July 2016
Theory of Planets in Binary Systems Kaitlin Kratter 26 July 2016
Pulsation-driven Ejections in Common-envelope Objects Matthew Clayton 26 July 2016
Theory of Common Envelope Evolution Natalia Ivanova 26 July 2016
Analytic Orbit Propagation for Transiting Circumbinary Planets Nikolaos Georgakarakos 26 July 2016
The role of jets in the CE and the GEE Noam Soker 26 July 2016
Bridging the Gap in Binary Evolution Onno Pols 26 July 2016
Common Envelope Interactions from Observation to Theory and Back Orsola de Marco 26 July 2016
Spectral Analyses of Blue Stragglers in the Field Paula Jofre Pfeil 26 July 2016
Planet Formation in Binary Systems Rebecca Martin 26 July 2016
Hydrodynamics of the Common Envelope Phase in High Resolution Sebastian Ohlmann 26 July 2016
Thorne-Zytkow Objects Christopher Tout 27 July 2016
Rejuvenation of Stellar Mergers and the Origin of Magnetic Fields in Massive Stars Fabian Schneider 27 July 2016
Two-Dimensional Stellar Evolution: 2DStars Ghina Halabi 27 July 2016
Formation of Tidal Captured Binaries, Micro-tidal Disruption Events and Gravitational Wave Sources Following Neutron Star Natal Hagai Perets 27 July 2016
Searches for Future Mergers Among ~23,000, Eclipsing Binary Stars from OGLE Pawel Pietrukowicz 27 July 2016
Hydrogen in Helium White Dwarf Mergers Philip Hall 27 July 2016
Observational Evidence for Merging Binary Stars Simon Jeffery 27 July 2016
Theory of Merged Binaries Stephan Rosswog 27 July 2016
Binary Observations from Advanced LIGO Christopher Berry 28 July 2016
A Spectroscopic Hunt for RR Lyrae Pulsators in Binary Systems Elisabeth Guggenberger 28 July 2016
Nature of the Extreme Ultraluminous X-ray Sources Grzegorz Wiktorowicz 28 July 2016
Massive Binary Paleontology with Gravitational Waves Ilya Mandel 28 July 2016
Transient & Variable Star Observations: Some Challenges Joshua Bloom 28 July 2016
Theory of Compact Binary Evolution in the Field Krzysztof Belczynski 28 July 2016
Mass Transfer in Eccentric Compact Binaries Melvyn Davies 28 July 2016
Timely Characterisation for Electromagnetic Follow-up of Gravitational Wave Mergers Priscilla Canizares 28 July 2016
The Binary Progenitors of Ca-rich Transients Ross Church 28 July 2016
Transient Sources (theory) - The Astrophysics of Compact Object Mergers Samaya Nissanke 28 July 2016
On the Velocities that BH- and NS-XRBs Receive at Formation Serena Repetto 28 July 2016
The Gravitational Waves Radiation from Populations of Galactic Double Compact Binary Shenghua Yu 28 July 2016
Insights into Stellar and Binary Evolution from Gravitational-wave Observations of Merging Compact Objects Simon Stevenson 28 July 2016
The Impact of High Mass X-ray Binaries on their Environment Sylvain Chaty 28 July 2016
The Dawn of Gravitational-Wave Astrophysics Vicky Kalogera 28 July 2016
Binary Black Hole Spin Evolution in Various Accretion Models Wojciech Gladysz 28 July 2016
Observations of Nucleosynthesis in Binary Stars Alain Jorissen 29 July 2016
To Ba or not to Ba: the Formation of Barium Stars Ana Escorza 29 July 2016
A Spectroscopic Analysis and Modelling of the Recurrent Nova RS Ophicuchi 2006 Outburst Anindita Mondal 29 July 2016
Late Core-collapse Supernovae from Intermediate Mass Binaries Emmanouil Zapartas 29 July 2016
Adiabatic and Thermal Equilibrium Mass Loss Models and Applications Hongwei Ge 29 July 2016
Extragalactic Symbiotic Stars: an Important Test for Binary Evolution Models Joanna Mikolajewska 29 July 2016
Barium Enhanced Blue Stragglers in NGC 6819 Katelyn Milliman 29 July 2016
Final Structure and Fate of Massive Stars: the Impact of Mass Loss by Winds and Roche-lobe Overflow Mathieu Renzo 29 July 2016
Binaries of Red Giants and Main-sequence Dwarfs Peter Eggleton 29 July 2016
Theory of Supernovae in Binary Systems Philipp Podsiadlowski 29 July 2016
The Theory of Nucleosynthesis in Binary Stars Richard Stancliffe 29 July 2016
Binary Stars in the Galactic Thick Disc Robert Izzard 29 July 2016
A Common-envelope Wind Model for SNe Ia Xiangcun Meng 29 July 2016