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A full list of talks and posters from the conference can be found below. Please click on the talk title to see the abstract and, where provided, the presentation.

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Full list of conference talks

Title Speaker Date
Jones - Dust SED modelling from a new vantage point: The IAS evolutionary dust model Anthony Jones 14 September 2015
Holwerda - What can the Occult do for you? Benne Holwerda 14 September 2015
Draine - Dust modelling Bruce Draine 14 September 2015
Maraston - Stellar populations modelling Claudia Maraston 14 September 2015
Goddard - Stellar population gradients as a function of environment Daniel Goddard 14 September 2015
Zhang - Binary stars are common in the Universe, especially in the young massive star populations Fenghui Zhang 14 September 2015
Vale Asari - Uncovering dust attenuation with spectral synthesis Natalia Vale Asari 14 September 2015
Meneses-Goytia - Unresolved single stellar population synthesis models in the near-infrared range Sofia Meneses-Goytia 14 September 2015
Lianou - Dust, gas and star formation in the blue compact dwarf galaxy IC10 Sophia Lianou 14 September 2015
Gruppioni - Tracing AGN and SF activity through SED decomposition and IR lines Carlotta Gruppioni 15 September 2015
Burgarella - Energy balance modelling Denis Burgarella 15 September 2015
Fritz - Modelling the heating of diffuse interstellar dust from an AGN Jacopo Fritz 15 September 2015
Baes - Radiation transfer modelling Maarten Baes 15 September 2015
Galametz - Dust properties derived from SED models: Biases due to the lack of resolution (or wavelength coverage) Maud Galametz 15 September 2015
Karczewski - Radiative transfer modelling of dwarf galaxies with MOCASSIN Oskar Karczewski 15 September 2015
Siebenmorgen - AGN modelling Ralf Siebenmorgen 15 September 2015
Viaene - Panchromatic SED fitting and dust heating in Andromeda from a 3D model Sebastien Viaene 15 September 2015
Lorenzoni - High redshift galaxies selection methods: SED fitting vs. Lyman-break technique Silvio Lorenzoni 15 September 2015
Acquaviva - Measuring metallicity from photometry with machine learning and SED fitting Viviana Acquaviva 15 September 2015
Munshi - In Darkness and in Light: Star Formation and Dark Matter in the 40 Thieves Dwarf Galaxy Simulation Ferah Munshi 16 September 2015
Natale - Determining the fraction of dust heating from young and old stellar populations with 3D dust radiative transfer Giovanni Natale 16 September 2015
Chevallard - Modeling and interpreting the spectral energy distribution of galaxies with BANGS Jacopo Chevallard 16 September 2015
Rowan-Robinson - SED models using radiative-transfer-derived templates for galaxies from the new IRAS FSC Galaxy Redshift Catalogue (RIFSCz) Michael Rowan-Robinson 16 September 2015
Man - Are “quiescent” galaxies really void of star formation? The mid-, far-infrared and radio properties of massive quiescent galaxies at z=0.1-3 Allison Man 17 September 2015
Lo Faro - Unveiling the physics of high-z dusty star forming galaxies by combining state-of-the-art chemo-spectro-photometric models with far-UV to Radio observations Barbara Lo Faro 17 September 2015
Pappalardo - SED analysis of low FIR luminosity galaxies at z < 1 Ciro Pappalardo 17 September 2015
Riguccini - AGN - Dust-Obscured Galaxies at z~2-3 in the COSMOS field revealed by near-to-far infrared SED-fitting Laurie Riguccini 17 September 2015
Martinez Galarza - The AGN contribution to the global galaxy SEDs: Applying state-of-the-art fitting codes to hydrodynamical simulations Rafael Martinez Galarza 17 September 2015
Smit - Emission lines in high-redshift galaxies as seen with Spitzer/IRAC Renske Smit 17 September 2015
Tojeiro - Understanding measurements using simulations and understanding simulations using measurements Rita Tojeiro 17 September 2015
Maiolino - High redshift multi-wavelength surveys Roberto Maiolino 17 September 2015
Berta - Testing our ignorance in measuring dust (gas) masses Stefano Berta 17 September 2015
Peters - Synthetic observations of SILCC simulations Thomas Peters 17 September 2015
Cowley - Modelling the dusty SEDs of semi-analytic galaxies Will Cowley 17 September 2015
Wright - Galaxy And Mass Assembly (GAMA): SED modelling of 221,000 galaxies using MAGPHYS Angus Wright 18 September 2015
Rowlands - Post-starburst galaxies: Pathways to the red sequence? Kate Rowlands 18 September 2015
Brown - New Star Formation Rate Calibrations Derived from a Multi-wavelength SED Atlas Michael Brown 18 September 2015
Schofield - The build up of dust in local Herschel ATLAS galaxies Simon Schofield 18 September 2015
Andrews - Galaxy and Mass Assembly (GAMA): the cosmic spectral energy distribution for 0.025 < z < 1 Stephen Andrews 18 September 2015
Eales - Low redshift multi-wavelength surveys Steve Eales 18 September 2015