Institute of Astronomy


Social Events

  • 1st September  Welcome Reception, Institute of Astronomy
  • 2nd September Symposium Dinner, Queens' College, Old Dining Hall


A printable programme can be found in the pdf file below.

Tuesday, 1 September

  • 0830     Registration

  • 0930     Lynden-Bell     Welcome

0945     Dark Matter and Dark Energy
Session Chair:
  Martin Haehnelt

Frenk        (25)        In the dark with George
Blandford   (25)       The Music of the sphere 

1045-1115  Coffee   

  Silk         (25)       To B or not to B
  Lahav      (25)       The Dark Energy Survey and Beyond
  Cole        (15)       The merger tree description of hierarchical evolution
  Bridle      (15)       Quantifying Dark Energy using Cosmic Lensing

1300    Lunch      


1400     LSS, Galaxy Surveys and peculiar velocities
Session Chair: Malcom Longair

   Irwin       (25)       The APM
   Dalton    (15)       Large Scale Spectroscopic Surveys
   Loveday  (15)      Small scale anisotropic galaxy clustering and the pairwise velocity dispersion of
   Maddox  (15)      The H-Atlas sub-mm survey 

1530 -1600   Tea

   Ma      (15)     Peculiar velocities and the kinetic Sunyaev-Zeldovich effect: how I finished George's
                        homework after graduation 
   Davis      (25)      CfA1 and early N-body simulations
   Carr        (25)      Black holes and the separate Universe problem: 40 years on

IoA Welcome Reception


Wednesday, 2 September  

0930     Galaxy formation
Session Chair
:  Debora Sijacki

White         (25)       Putting your foot on the gas, the quickest way to find what was  never lost
Schaye       (15)      Simulations of the formation of galaxies
Johansson   (15)      Simulating the formation of early-type galaxies and the dynamics of their 
                              supermassive black holes

1045 Coffee      (including birthday cake)


1130   Cosmic Dawn

Ellis            (25)      Cosmic Reionization, the Final Frontier: Harmony between Planck and Keck
Theuns        (15)      The nature of galaxies that reionised the Universe
Sutherland   (15)      High redshift quasars in the VISTA VIKING survey

Conference Photo  

1245   Lunch


1400     Galaxy Clusters and Voids
Session Chair
:  Anthony Lasenby

Kaiser         (25)       How does gravitational lensing affect the distance to the cosmic photosphere
Croft            (15)      Galaxy clusters and large-scale structure
Weller         (15)       Cosmology with Galaxy Clusters

1515 - 1545   Tea

McCarthy        (15)   SZ, cosmic shear, and massive neutrinos
Chongchitnan  (15)    Extreme Cosmic Voids

Dinner at Queens' College


Thursday, 3 September

0930     The CMB, Planck and Theoretical Cosmology
Session Chair: 
Anthony Challinor

 Tauber           (25)     Planck 1993-2015
 Puget            (25)     The large-scale polarisation Planck data
 Bond             (25)     Testing Inflation with the CMB: Beyond the Standard Model of Cosmology

1100-1130     Coffee       

  Peiris           (15)     The very early universe: from observations to fundamental physics
  Rocha          (15)     Cosmology with CMB: a brief history
  Dunkley        (15)     AdvACT: the CMB after Planck
  Calabrese     (15)     Robust neutrino mass measurements from the CMB and LSS in the next five

  Rees                      Concluding Remarks  

1300  Lunch


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