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A full list of talks and posters from the conference can be found below. Please click on the talk title to see the abstract and, where provided, the presentation.

Full list of conference talks

Title Speaker Datesort icon
The stability of multiplanet systems on the Main Sequence and post-Main Sequence Alexander Mustill 28 July 2014
Close encounters in the birth environments of planetary systems Melvyn Davies 28 July 2014
Observational Insight into the Effect of Stellar Evolution on Exoplanet Systems Kevin Schlaufman 28 July 2014
Comparing asteroids, moons, planets and comets as possible progenitors of the pollution observed in white dwarf atmospheres Dimitri Veras 28 July 2014
Calibrating Gyrochronology Using Kepler Asteroseismic targets Ruth Angus 28 July 2014
On the role of orbital migration in the formation of the planetary system around the pulsar PSR B1257+12 Ewa Szuszkiewicz 28 July 2014
Planet formation within and around binary stars Roman Rafikov 28 July 2014
Hydrodynamic Simulations of the interaction between giant stars and planets Jan Staff 28 July 2014
Planet Formation in Evolved Binary Star Systems Nader Haghighipour 28 July 2014
Planets in post-common envelope binaries - a second phase of planet formation? Stefan Dreizler 28 July 2014
Evolution of Planetary Systems Alessandro Morbidelli 28 July 2014
Remaining Stellar Evolution Challenges Lars Bildsten 28 July 2014
What Can We Learn by Evolving the Host Star? Eva Villaver 28 July 2014
An Overview of White Dwarf Stars Gilles Fontaine 28 July 2014
Planets around Giant Stars: Results from the Lick Survey Andreas Quirrenbach 29 July 2014
Space-based Characterization of super-Earth exoplanets Brice-Olivier Demory 29 July 2014
Planets around Post Common-Envelope Binaries Tom Marsh 29 July 2014
The frequency of snowline planets from a second-generation microlensing survey Yossi Shvartzvald 29 July 2014
SdB planets Roberto Silvotti 29 July 2014
The tug of white dwarf planets or something else entirely? The cautionary tale of GD 66. JJ Hermes 29 July 2014
Earth-sized Exoplanets Andrew Howard 29 July 2014
Giants and Dwarfs: Do M Dwarfs Really Host Fewer Giant Planets? Eric Gaidos 29 July 2014
Caught in the act: direct detection of forming planets Matthias R. Schreiber 29 July 2014
Investigating Short-Period Planets around A Stars Marshall Johnson 29 July 2014
Characterizing the Hot Kepler Objects of Interest Leslie Rogers 29 July 2014
Prospects for Detecting Planets Around Stars Across the Main Sequence Based on Updated Planet Occurrence Rates from Kepler Courtney Dressing 29 July 2014
Highlighting the dynamical interaction between planets and planetesimal belts with ALMA Luca Ricci 29 July 2014
The Demographics of Exoplanets Orbiting Main-Sequence Stars: Recent Results, Challenges and Future Prospects Suzanne Aigrain 29 July 2014
Giant Planets Around Giant Stars Artie Hatzes 29 July 2014
Statistics of Herschel-Resolved Debris Disks Across the Main Sequence Alexander Krivov 30 July 2014
An independent determination of Fomalhaut b's orbit and the dynamical effects on the outer dust belt Hervé Beust 30 July 2014
Spectral modeling of gaseous, planetary debris disks around white dwarfs Stephan Hartmann 30 July 2014
Stellar and debris disk dynamics of the Fomalhaut triple system Andrew Shannon 30 July 2014
Connecting Planet and Debris Populations: A New Survey for Planetary Mass Companions at Keck and VLT Sasha Hinkley 30 July 2014
49 Ceti and the Mystery of Gas-Rich Debris Disks Meredith Hughes 30 July 2014
Searching for planets in "Holey Disks" Tiffany Meshkat 30 July 2014
The impact of exo-Zodi on exo-Earth imaging Grant Kennedy 30 July 2014
Debris from giant impacts, at home and abroad Alan Jackson 30 July 2014
Extraterrestrial Collisions in the Era of Terrestrial Planet Formation Huan Meng 30 July 2014
New Observations of Fomalhaut, Beta Pic and HR 4796A with HST and GPI Paul Kalas 30 July 2014
The IRS Debris Disk Catalog Christine Chen 30 July 2014
The Origin and Dynamics of Dusty Disks Around White Dwarfs John Debes 30 July 2014
Debris Discs from the Pre-Main Sequence Through the Giant Branch Brenda Matthews 30 July 2014
Formation of planetesimals in evolving accretion discs Bertram Bitsch 31 July 2014
A 2D dust chemistry of the inner Solar Nebula Francesco C. Pignatale 31 July 2014
Exploring the Origin of Carbon in Terrestrial Worlds Edwin Bergin 31 July 2014
Snow Lines in Photoevaporated Protoplanetary Disks Steve Desch 31 July 2014
Rocky Planetary Debris around young WDs Boris Gaensicke 31 July 2014
Inheritance of solar system radionuclides from molecular clouds: evidence that we are not so unusual after all Edward D. Young 31 July 2014
Protoplanetary disk demographics Jonathan Williams 31 July 2014
Rocky clumps in the dust trap of HD142527 Simon Casassus 31 July 2014
Constraining Hot Jupiter Exoplanet Compositions via Host Star Abundances of Planet-Building Elements Johanna Teske 31 July 2014
Li depletion in solar analogues with exoplanets Elisa Delgado Mena 31 July 2014
Chemistry of Protoplanetary Disks Across the HR Diagram Inga Kamp 31 July 2014
Exploring the Planet Frequency and Architecture Across the HR Diagram Nuno Santos 31 July 2014
Terrestrial Planet Formation and the Mixing of Planetesimal Populations Kevin Walsh 31 July 2014
Is SDSSJ1242+5226 accreting water-rich debris? Roberto Raddi 1 August 2014
Elemental abundances in exoplanetary atmospheres and lessons across the HR diagram Nikku Madhusudhan 1 August 2014
Constraining the carbon and oxygen abundances of hot Jupiter atmospheres using ground-based very high-resolution spectroscopy Jayne Birkby 1 August 2014
Chemical abundance as a key to formation scenario of exoplanets Taisiya Kopytova 1 August 2014
How Rocky Are They? The Composition Distribution of Kepler's Sub-Neptune Planet Candidates within 0.15 AU Angie Wolfgang 1 August 2014
A Decade of Hot Exoplanet Atmospheric Investigations David Sing 1 August 2014
The Frequency and Compositions of Rocky Exoplanet Precursors via Polluted White Dwarfs Ben Zuckerman 1 August 2014

Full list of conference posters

Title Speaker Date
Inferring protoplanetary masses from resolved ALMA molecular gas emission Sebastian Perez 28 July 2014
On the Feeding Zone of Planetesimal Formation by Streaming Instability Chao-Chin Yang 28 July 2014
Feasibility studies for the detection of oxygen in the atmospheres of exo-Earths with future instrumentation Florian Rodler 28 July 2014
Low-mass companions to evolved stars Andrzej Niedzielski 28 July 2014
Planetary systems in the making: interactions between multiple planets and their parent disc Farzana Meru 28 July 2014
X-ray photoevaporation and planet formation interplay in the dispersal of protoplanetary discs Giovanni Rosotti 28 July 2014
Far Infrared and Sub-millimeter Imaging of HR 8799 Mark Booth 28 July 2014
Probing CO gas in debris disks with ALMA Luca Matrà 28 July 2014
Thermal light curves of Earth-like planets: orbital and climatic conditions Illeana Gomez Leal 28 July 2014
Friends of Hot Jupiters:Searching for Low-Mass Stellar Companions via Spectroscopic Model Comparison Danielle Piskorz 28 July 2014
Friends of Hot Jupiters: Finding distant stellar companions with NIRC2 AO Henry Ngo 28 July 2014
The peculiar properties of planets around giant stars Matias Jones 28 July 2014
The SEEDS Directly Imaged Companions: Massive Planets or Low-Mass Brown Dwarfs? Timothy Brandt 28 July 2014
Symplectic Integration & Circumbinary Satellite Stability Matthew Payne 28 July 2014
Photoevaporation in dusty discs Mark Hutchison 28 July 2014
A New Census of the Faintest Solar Neighborhood Asteroid Belts from WISE Stanimir Metchev 28 July 2014
The HATSouth discovery of a hot Jupiter transiting an m-dwarf Daniel Bayliss 28 July 2014
Analysis and modeling of a giant transiting multiple ring system around the substellar companion J1407b Matthew Kenworthy 28 July 2014
Chaos and Predictability in Terrestrial Planet Formation Simulations Volker Hoffmann 28 July 2014
GENGA: a GPU code for planet formation and planetary system evolution Simon Grimm 28 July 2014
Approaching the origin of warm components in resolved cold debris discs Torsten Loehne 28 July 2014
Evaporation and Accretion of Extrasolar Comets Following White Dwarf Kicks Nicholas Stone 28 July 2014
Neptunes in the Noise: Improved Precision in Exoplanet Transit Detection Aimée Hall 28 July 2014
Open cluster spectroscopy with the HERMES multi-object spectrograph Carlos Bacigalupo 28 July 2014
Characterizing Hot Jupiter Atmospheres with Ground-Based Facilities Lisa Nortmann 28 July 2014
The curiously circular orbit of Kepler-16b Alex Dunhill 28 July 2014
Unraveling tidal dissipation in gaseous giant planets Mathieu Guenel 28 July 2014
Numerical predictions for planets in the debris discs of HD202628 and HD207129 Elodie Thilliez 28 July 2014
Snowlines in protoplanetary disks Karin Oberg 28 July 2014
Planet Traps and Stellar Metallicity: Application to the Planet-Metallicity Relation and the Formation of First Gas Giants Yasuhiro Hasegawa 28 July 2014
The RHEA spectrograph Joao Bento 28 July 2014
Magnetic Compression of the Inner Disc Region in Young Stellar Systems Kurt Liffman 28 July 2014
Planet formation in action: the role of dust trapping in transitional disks Nienke van der Marel 28 July 2014
A radiogenic heating evolution model for cosmochemically Earth-like exoplanets Stephen J. Mojzsis 28 July 2014
Physical models for the dusty tails of evaporating planets Rik van Lieshout 28 July 2014
Analysis of M dwarfs spectra and search for small planets at the Galileo Telescope Jesus Maldonado 28 July 2014
Kozai-Lidov migration in stellar binaries Cristobal Petrovich 28 July 2014
Image synthesis of the gap in HD100546 with Sparse Aperture Masking Sebastian Marino 28 July 2014
ACCESS: The Arizona-CfA-Catolica Exoplanet Spectroscopy Survey Mercedes Lopez-Morales 28 July 2014
Quantifying the Effect of Massive Long Period Companions on the Formation and Evolution of Planetary Systems Marta Bryan 28 July 2014
On the orbital architecture of the HR 8799 planetary system Cezary Migaszewski 28 July 2014
The carbon budget in protoplanetary disks: observations, modeling and the connection to planets Mihkel Kama 28 July 2014
Astrometric planet search around southern ultracool dwarfs Johannes Sahlmann 28 July 2014
Dynamical evolution of eccentric planets and debris discs Tim Pearce 28 July 2014
Dynamics and observational prospects of co-orbital planets in double stars Richard Schwarz 28 July 2014
Colour Magnitude Diagrams of Transiting Exoplanets  Amaury Triaud 28 July 2014
Accretion of Jupiter-mass Planets Judit Szulagyi 28 July 2014
Finding and characterizing habitable-zone planets around white dwarfs Dan Maoz 28 July 2014
A Variable Gaseous Disk around the Metal-Polluted White Dwarf SDSS J1617+1620 David Wilson 28 July 2014
Evolved planetary systems around very cool and old white dwarfs Mark Hollands 28 July 2014
The CHARIS Data Extraction Software: Integral Field Spectroscopy at High Contrast Kyle Mede 28 July 2014
Linking the birth and death of planets through the process of anisotropic stellar mass loss Dimitri Veras 28 July 2014
A search for transits on cool white dwarfs Roi Alonso 28 July 2014
A double-blind Spitzer/COS survey to constrain the frequency of circumstellar debris at white dwarfs Marco Rocchetto 28 July 2014
Analysis of multiplanetary system population synthesis David Swoboda 28 July 2014
Steady-state collisional evolution model and the DEBRIS disk survey Jean-Francois Lestrade 28 July 2014
Detection and characterisation of faint companions with Project 1640 Eleanor Bacchus 28 July 2014
Completing the Census of IR Bright Disks at Nearby Polluted White Dwarfs Carolina Bergfors 28 July 2014
Empirical Limits on Radial Velocity Planet Detection for Young Stars Scott Barenfeld 28 July 2014
Directly Measuring Turbulence in a Protoplanetary Disk using CO Kevin Flaherty 28 July 2014
Stop hitting yourself: did most terrestrial impactors originate from the terrestrial planets? Alan Jackson 28 July 2014
Improving our knowledge of exoplanetary interiors through a refined water equation of state Scott Thomas 28 July 2014
Photophoresis effects in Protoplanetary Disks: a numerical approach Nicolas Cuello 28 July 2014
Sub-mm studies of Herbig Ae/Be stars Antonio Hales 28 July 2014
HD141569: disk dissipation caught in action Jessica Pericaud 28 July 2014
Importance of Accurate Molecular Spectroscopy for Characterizing Exoplanetary Atmospheres Christina Hedges 28 July 2014
Chemistry in an Evolving Protoplanetary Disk: Effects on Terrestrial Planet Composition John Moriarty 28 July 2014
Rocky bodies in the Oort Cloud Andrew Shannon 28 July 2014
A set of automated pipelines for echelle spectrographs developed for the follow up of planetary transit candidates from the HATS Rafael Brahm 28 July 2014
External photoevaporation imprints in protoplanetary discs Stefano Facchini 28 July 2014
λ Boo Phenomenon Caused by Debris Disk Accretion? Zachary Draper 28 July 2014
A New Radiative Transfer Code For Exoplanet Atmospheres Tomas Stolker 28 July 2014
Most 1.6 Earth-Radii Planets are not Rocky Leslie Rogers 28 July 2014
Planetary composition in planet formation models Amaury Thiabaud 28 July 2014
HD 95086 -- A Young Analog of HR 8799? Kate Su 28 July 2014
Gap formation and stability in non-isothermal disks Min-Kai Lin 28 July 2014
Herschel-resolved Two-belt Spitzer Debris Disks Farisa Morales 28 July 2014
What planets do to the stars that created them? Orsola De Marco 28 July 2014