Institute of Astronomy

Angular Momentum Transport and Energy Release in Accretion Discs

7 September 2009 - 8 September 2009

The aim of this conference is to bring together an outstanding group of young researchers to discuss theoretical and observational progress toward understanding accretion disc physics in Young Stellar Objects, compact binaries, and galactic nuclei.

Recent years have seen significant progress toward solutions to the most notorious problems in disc physics - what is the origin of angular momentum transport, and where and in what form energy release occurs - but much more remains to be done to meaningfully connect the basic theories of transport and release in discs to either classical disc models or to observations. The scientific focus of the conference will be on the steps needed to make those connections. Participants will present the latest results on the theoretical modelling and observational study of disc systems, and of angular momentum transport and energy release within them, and will consider the most important open questions for the future, and how they might be addressed via a combination of new observations, better theoretical models, and higher fidelity numerical simulations.

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