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"A Night with the Stars" video

Published on 12/11/2013 

The "stars" of this video include the IoA's Northumberland and Thorrowgood telescopes, Macieij Hermanowicz, and IoA Librarian Mark Hurn.  There is also some coverage of the Flamsteed Astronomical Society in Greenwich.  To watch the video CLICK HERE

New Books for November

Published on 06/11/2013 

Real books for change!  On display in the Hoyle building library area for the month of November.  There is a clipboard beneath the display where you can indicate an interest in the books.

CUP books: now available as e-books

Published on 01/11/2013 

In a major development, we now have access to over 14,000 Cambridge University Press (CUP) books as e-books.  This includes about 360 astronomy books. Access is through Cambridge Books Online (CBO) and the books can be read as chapter by chapter pdf files.

Records for each title will be placed into the Cambridge libraries Newton catalogue for extra access.  At the moment this is a trial until the end of April 2014.

ebooks trial: Very Short Introductions

Published on 24/10/2013 

Thanks to the ebooks@cambridge team, we have free access to the popular Very Short Introductions range of books. Click here to access them.

There are a number related to astronomy, including Astrobiology, Cosmology, Galaxies, Galileo, History of Astronomy, Newton, Planets, Relativity, and Stars.

Access is campus-only and the trial ends on 31 December.


New Books Display September 2013

Published on 23/09/2013 

The following books can be found on display in the Hoyle Building library area.  If you would like to reserve a book, please indicate on the clipboard underneath the display.


The lost rainbow / written by Ewan Allinson, illustrated by Maria Rud  Edinburgh: DOM, 1998 ISBN 0953271005 (F.27.1)

Particle acceleration in cosmic plasmas / edited by Andre Balogh et al.  New York: Springer, 2013  Space Sciences Series of ISSI  ISBN 9781461464549  (50/BAL)

Library systems upgrade: now complete

Published on 23/08/2013 

The Library online catalogue: Newton is now available after its upgrade.

Library systems upgrade

Published on 19/08/2013 

This week (w.c. 19 August) the Library Voyager software will be upgraded.  Our Newton catalogue will not be availabe for some days, but our books can be found on LibrarySearch

Sorry for the incovenience.

Trial access to IOS journals

Published on 13/08/2013 

There is no specifically astronomical journal, but IOS Press publishes more than 100 international journals each year on subjects ranging from computer sciences and mathematics to medicine and the natural sciences. IOS have granted the University of Cambridge a free trial of their entire journal portfolio until November 2013. For access please follow the link below:

Access IOS Press

New books for August

Published on 31/07/2013 

The following new books will be on display in the Hoyle Building library area, for the month of August.

New quests in stellar astrophysics III: a panchromatic view of solar-like stars, with and without planets: proceedings of a conference held, Jalisco, Mexico, March 2012 / edited by Miguel Chavez et al. San Francisco: Astronomical Society of the Pacific, 2013  ASP CS Vol. 472  ISBN 9781583818282  (B.7.1)

Help! speaker needed

Published on 23/07/2013 

We have a group of teenage visitors from China visiting on Monday 12 August 2013.  Could someone offer a short (30-40 minute) astronomical talk, for them?  If you are interested, please contact Mark Hurn (Departmental Librarian).