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Aurora Borealis seen from Cambridge

Published on 17/05/2013 

Pictures from a book showing the aurora seen from Cambridge in 1846 and 1847 are now accessible on the DSpace digital repository.  There are 12 plates in total, and most are in colour, they show dramatic scenes of a phenomena rarely seen at these latitudes.

The book was recently donated to the IoA Library and is of particular interest, as some of the observations are made from the Cambridge Observatory and one of the authors worked here as an assistant.

The full title of the book is:

IoA Library Bulletin No. 51 (May 2013)

Published on 14/05/2013 

The latest issue of the IoA Library Bulletin is now available.  In this issue: the Library receives a donation of a rare book about aurorae seen from Cambridge, IoA social media, the snowy Open Afternoon and New Books for May ...CLICK HERE FOR PDF

Borrowing from the library

Published on 10/05/2013 

If you remove a book from the IoA Library it is vital you fill in a card with your details and that of the item you have removed.  Cards and pens are provided in the library rooms for you to do this.  If you remove something without filling in a card, it can be very frustrating for other users and the library staff.

New Books for May

Published on 29/04/2013 

Please find a list of new astronomy books for the Library.  These will be on display in the Hoyle building library area (upstairs) for the month of May.  There is a clipboard beneath the display where you can reserve books.

The birth of string theory / edited by Andrea Cappelli  Cambridge University Press, 2012  ISBN 9780521197908  (140/CAP)

TV & Radio listings for Astronomy/Science Programmes

Published on 19/04/2013 

Would you like to receive a special listing of the Astronomy/Science programmes coming up on TV and Radio?  The Library receives regularly a list put together by John Flook of Letchworth and District Astronomical Society (LDAS).  If you would like to receive the lists by email, please contact IoA Librarian Mark Hurn.  As an example, here is the latest listing:

New Books for April

Published on 27/03/2013 

The following new books will be on display in the Hoyle Building library area from the start of April.  If you would like to reserve any of the books, please indicate this on the clipboard underneath the display.


The 9th LISA symposium / edited by G. Auger et al.  San Francisco: Astronomical Society of Pacific, 2013  ASP Conference Vol. 467  ISBN 9781583818169  (B.7.1)

Clarke & Carswell "Principles of astrophysical fluid dynamics"

Published on 18/03/2013 

We now have electronic access to this, often consulted book, by Cathie Clarke and Bob Carswell.  Access can be obtained through the Library 'Newton' catalogue record or through the following link:

MNRAS access = back to normal

Published on 07/03/2013 

Our access to the online version of Monthly Notices should now be back to normal.

Many thanks to those of you who reported the problem.


MNRAS access latest

Published on 07/03/2013 

We have spoken to the publishers and it might be a couple of days before we have full access.  It looks like a mess at their end, our subscription is up to date, but they seem to have 'lost' our IP addresses.

If you need to access a paper urgently, let me know the details, they have promised to send PDFs of anything we need until we get access.

Mark Hurn - Departmental Librarian


MNRAS access problems

Published on 07/03/2013 

We have contacted the publishers of Monthly Notices regarding lack of access to 2013 content reported this morning.  So far no response.  We will report back when we hear from them.