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The eight OPTICON Gaia Science Alerts workshop will be held in Warsaw, Poland, 29. Nov - 1.Dec. 2017.

The scope of the workshop this year will be slightly different than in the past. The main emphasis will be put on the organization of the follow-up observations, data reductions, calibrations, etc. There will be hands-on session and ample of time for brain-storming discussions to put the follow-up group to a new level.

Therefore we strongly encourage all people involved in the follow-up of Gaia alerts to attend the meeting. Also we invite new observers and scientists interested in the involvement in the OPTICON follow-up network and scientific exploitation of the Gaia alerts.

Due to space limitations of the workshop venue, we have to limit the number of attendees to 40. We hope that everyone interested will fit within this number, but in case of larger interest, we will select the attendees among the registrants to assure a broad and equal representation of topics. Please fill the registration form and provide your case why do you want to attend the workshop.

Workshop Organising Committee

Workshop Organising Committee:

  • Lukasz Wyrzykowski (Warsaw)
  • Kasia Kruszynska (Warsaw)
  • Kris Rybicki (Warsaw)