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(GSAWG5: AGNs and TDEs)
(GSAWG1: Supernovae (Core collapse, 1a))
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=== GSAWG1: Supernovae (Core collapse, 1a) ===
=== GSAWG1: Supernovae (Core collapse, 1a) ===
Simon Clark
#Simon Clark
Eran Ofek
#Eran Ofek
=== GSAWG2: CVs and XRBs ===
=== GSAWG2: CVs and XRBs ===

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Tentative list of Working Groups with people interested to be part of them:

GSAWG1: Supernovae (Core collapse, 1a)

  1. Simon Clark
  2. Eran Ofek

GSAWG2: CVs and XRBs

Simon Clark Peter Jonker Zbigniew Kolaczkowski

GSAWG3: Microlensing

Eran Ofek Rachel Street

GSAWG4: Young Stars

Aleks Scholz Zbigniew Kolaczkowski


  1. Paul O'Brien
  2. Norbert Schartel
  3. Peter Jonker
  4. Helene Sol
  5. Stefanie Komossa


Paul O'Brien

GSAWG7: Be stars, R CrB stars, other rare events

Simon Clark Patrick Tisserand Zbigniew Kolaczkowski