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# Presenting author Poster title
2 Allard Emma L. Stellar and Gas Kinematics in the Core of M100
3 Aloisi Alessandra Metals in the Neutral ISM of Starburst Galaxies
4 Anders Peter Measuring sizes and compactnesses of young star clusters; pdf version
5 Angeretti Luca The Complex Star-Formation History of NGC 1569
6 Barthel Peter D. Herschel Space Observatory
8 Bendo George J. Recent Imaging Results from SINGS
9 Bertone Serena Galactic winds and the transport of metals into the IGM in semi-analytic simulations
10 Bouwens Rychard J. $ UBViz$ dropouts: Galaxy Evolution from $ z\sim2$ to $ z\sim6$ and beyond
11 Buckalew Brent A. Spitzer Imagery of Embedded Ultra-Young Star Clusters in M33
12 Bunker Andrew Star formation at $ z\sim6$ from the Hubble Ultra Deep Field
13 Burgarella Denis UV Spectroscopy of Luminous IR Galaxies
14 Cannon John M. Starbursts in Dwarf Galaxies: A Multi-wavelength Case Study of NGC 625
15 Castangia Paola A multi-wavelength study of the starburst galaxy NGC 7673
16 Christensen Lise UV star-formation rates of GRB host galaxies
17 Chy $ \dot{\mbox{z}}$y Krzysztof T. Magnetic fields and starbursts: from irregulars to mergers
18 Cullen Harriet Star Formation in Close Pairs Selected from the Sloan Digital Sky Survey
19 Douglas Laura Search for $ R$-band Dropout High-Redshift Galaxies
20 Evans Chris An ultraviolet spectral library of metal-poor OB stars
21 Fellhauer Michael A.D. A Possible Formation Scenario for the Heavy-Weight Young Cluster W3
22 Garcia-Marín Macarena Integral-Field Spectroscopy and imaging of ULIRGs at low and high redshift: IRAS 16007+3743
23 Garcia-Rissmann Aurea A Kinematic Study of the Nuclear Stellar Populations in Seyfert Galaxies
24 Grimes John P. Tracing Star Formation in the X-rays: From ULIRGs to Dwarf Starbursts
25 Hadfield Lucy J. Westerlund 1: A Super-Star Cluster within the Milky Way
26 Harford A. Gayler Clustering of Simulated Galaxies at Redshift 4
27 Hidalgo-Gámez Ana M. Does size matter (in the SFRs)?
28 Higdon James L. Infrared Observations Of The $ z=2.3$ Coup Fourre Galaxy Cluster
29 Higdon Sarah J.U. The Molecular Interstellar Medium in Ultraluminous Infrared Galaxies
30 Homeier Nicole L. -
31 Hornschemeier Ann E. New Frontiers Opened by Chandra in Studies of Galaxies
32 Hoyos Carlos C.H A Hubble Space Telescope trip to the stellar populations present in Luminous Blue Compact Galaxies at Intermediate Redshift
33 Inoue Akio K. Constraints on Lyman continuum flux escaping from galaxies at $ z\sim3$ using VLT narrow-band photometry
34 Ivanov Valentin D. Near-Infrared Spectral Properties of Metal-Poor Red Supergiants
35 Iwata Ikuru Wide and Deep Survey of LBGs at $ z\sim5$
36 Jamet Luc IMF statistical sampling: the ionizing cluster of NGC 588
37 Jappsen Anne-Katharina Non-isothermal gravoturbulent fragmentation: effects on the IMF
38 Kehrig Carolina A Study of the Strong Near-IR [SIII] Lines in HII Galaxies; pdf version
39 Kissler-Patig Markus Star (Cluster) Formation in 3D: Integral Field Spectroscopy at the VLT
40 Kurk Jaron Star formation at $ z = 6.5$
41 Lebouteiller Vianney Neutral ISM surrounding starburst regions
42 Lee Henry Revealing the HII Regions of NGC 1705: Nebular Abundances and Extinction Variations
43 Lee Janice C. The Dwarf Galaxy Duty Cycle: Measurements from a Complete Sample of the Local Volume
44 Lee Janice C. Optical and Near-IR Luminosity-Metallicity Relations of KISS Star-Forming Emission-Line Galaxies
45 Lemoine-Busserolle Marie Physical properties of low-luminosity high-redshift lensed galaxies
46 Li Yuexing Control of Star Formation in Galaxies by Gravitational Instability
47 Li Yuexing Formation of Globular Clusters in Galaxy Mergers
48 Liang Yanchun The Luminosity-Metallicity Relation of distant luminous infrared galaxies
49 Lilly Thomas Globular Cluster Systems as the link between nearby and high-redshift galaxies: New tools for tracing ancient starbursts
50 Lotz Jennifer M. The Rest-Frame FUV Morphologies of Star-Forming Galaxies at z~4 and z~1.5
51 Maier Christian Oxygen Abundances, SFRs and Dust of CFRS Galaxies at Intermediate Redshift
52 Marcillac Delphine Star-formation history of distant luminous infrared galaxies
53 Marcolini Andrea Evolution of thermal conducting clouds embedded in a galactic wind
54 Marquart Thomas S. The Dynamics of Emission Line Galaxies from new Fabry-Perot Observations
55 Martinez-Valpuesta Inma Secular Evolution of Stellar Bars, Vertical Instabilities and Starbursts
56 Mengel Sabine IMF variations in the Antennae star clusters
57 Moss Chris Enhanced Tidally-Induced Starbursts in Cluster Galaxies: evidence for the transformation of spirals to S0s by gravitational interactions associated with cluster virialisation
58 Mühle Stefanie NGC 1569 - A Dwarf Galaxy with a Giant Starburst (power point); jpg file
59 Mundell Carole C.G. The Unusual Tidal Dwarf Candidate in the Merger System NGC 3227/6: Star Formation in a Tidal Shocks?
60 Nikola Thomas J. CO ($ J=7-6$) and [CI] Observations using SPIFI on JCMT: Investigation of Star Formation in Galaxies
61 Noeske Kai Gerhard Stellar host galaxies and starburst mechanisms in Blue Compact Galaxies: Surprises from the Near Infrared and the Ultra Deep Field
62 Noll Stefan The FORS Deep Field spectroscopic survey - Exploring galaxy evolution at high redshift
63 Norci Laura On the X-ray contribution from young Supernovae in Starbursts
64 O'Halloran Brian O. ISO observations of the interacting galaxy Markarian 297
65 Origlia Livia Chemical Abundances in Starburst Galaxies
66 Orr Nancy Galactic Starbursts as a Manifestation of a General Equipoise Dynamic
67 Ott Jürgen The Temperature Distribution of Dense Gas in Starburst Cores
68 Papaderos Polychronis The photometric structure of young BCD candidates
69 Pérez Enrique NGC 604: The Scaled OB Association (SOBA) Prototype
70 Pérez Gallego Jorge Luminous Compact Blue Galaxies in the Local Universe: a key reference for high-redshift studies
71 Pérez-Montero Enrique Ionizing stellar populations in circumnuclear star-forming regions
72 Peterson Ruth C. Mid-Ultraviolet Spectral Templates for Single-Age, Single-Metallicity Systems
73 Phillips Andrew C. Luminous Blue Compact Galaxies in the GOODS-N Field
74 Pope Alexandra Optical and near-IR properties of submillimetre galaxies in the GOODS-North field
75 Ranalli Piero The X-ray number counts and luminosity function of galaxies; ps file
76 Reddy Naveen A. X-Ray and Radio Emission from UV-Selected Star-Forming Galaxies at $ z\sim2$
77 Reverte-Payá Daniel Star-forming galaxies in a nearby group: Abell 634
78 Romano Donatella Chemical Evolution of Late-Type Dwarf Galaxies
79 Sajina Anna The Spitzer properties of ISO+VLA+SCUBA sources in ELAIS-N1
80 Salim Samir New Constraints on the Star-Formation Histories and Dust Attenuation of Galaxies in the Local Universe from GALEX
81 Scannapieco Cecilia Evolution of the chemical properties of galactic systems in $ \Lambda$CDM universes
82 Schmitt Henrique Multi-wavelength Star-Formation Indicators
83 Scmitt Henrique High-resolution near-UV imaging of Seyfert Galaxies
84 Sharp Rob Integral-field spectroscopy in the IR: Gemini-CIRPASS observations and the star-formation history in the nucleus of M83
85 Sidoli Fabrizio The Massive Star Population of the Wolf-Rayet Galaxies He 2-10, Mrk 1259, NGC 5253 and Tol 89
86 Skillman Evan Extended Tidal Structure in Two Ly$ \alpha$ Emitting Starburst Galaxies
87 Stanway Elizabeth R. Near-Infrared Properties of Starbursts at $ z=6$
88 Storrie-Lombardi Lisa J. The Morphologies of Extremely Red Galaxies from the Spitzer First Look Survey
89 Tanvir Nial R. Are Gamma Ray Bursts Good Star-Formation Indicators?
90 Tasker Elizabeth J. -
91 Taylor Greg B. Tracing the Inner Gas Disks in Starbursts and Radio Galaxies
92 Telles Eduardo The $ L-\sigma$ relation for local HII galaxies
93 Temporin Sonia G. Star formation in three nearby galaxy systems; ps file
94 Teplitz Harry I. FUV Imaging of Starbursts in the Hubble Deep Field North
95 Terlevich Elena -
96 Tremonti Christy A. What Shuts off Star Formation? Post-burst Galaxies from $ z=0$ to 1
97 van Starkenburg Lottie The Tully-Fisher Relations at high redshift
98 Vijh Uma The Dust in Lyman Break Galaxies
99 Weidner Carsten Implications for the formation of star clusters from extra-galactic star-formation rates
100 Weiss Axel Neutral Carbon, the CO Ladder, and Dust Emission in Dusty Quasars at $ z = 2.5$
101 Westmoquette Mark S. Revealing the Complex Structure of the M82 Superwind
102 Zackrisson Erik Modeling the Red Halos of Blue Compact Galaxies
104 Zucker Daniel B. The Enigmatic Local Group Starburst Galaxy IC 10

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