Conference Posters

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Monday: One minute talk poster numbers 1 - 19

Tuesday: One mintue talk poster numbers 20 - 46

NameTitlePoster number
Ammons, Mark (T) New insights into the use of critical-line surveys to detect z~10 Lyman-alpha Emitters 1
Chapman, Scott The z>5 Lensed SMGs from the SPT Survey41
Compostella, Michele (T) Hydrodynamical simulations of Helium reionization 24
Datta, Kanan (T) Light cone effect on the HI 21 cm power spectrum during reionization 45
Davies, Frederick (T) Investigating the self-consistency of ionizing background and IGM opacity measurements 26
De Barros, Stephane (T) Analysis of LBG from z=3 to z=6: what is nebular emission effect on SED fitting? 8
Cooke;Pettini;Madau (T)
A galaxy-C IV absorber pair close to the Epoch of Reionization. 22
Fernandez, Elizabeth (T) The Cosmic Infrared Background - A Window into the High Redshift Universe43
Findlay, Joseph (T) Early Results from High Redshift Quasar Searches in VIKING16
Frey, Sandor (T) The most distant quasars under the VLBI magnifier 17
Friedrich, Martina Reionization with AGNs - Adapting the radiative transfer code C2Ray 27
Gonzalez, Valentino (T) The Stellar Mass Functions and Density of the Universe at z~4-7 9
Graziani, Luca Cosmological radiative transfer through metals in CRASH 28
Hayes, Matthew (T) The evolution of the Lyman-alpha escape fraction and dust content of galaxies10
Jaacks, Jason (T) Steep Faint-end Slopes of Galaxy Mass and Luminosity Functions at z ≥ 6 in Cosmological SPH Simulations 12
Jeeson-Daniel, Akila (T) Effect of IGM on the observability of LAEs around EOR 2
Jeon, Yiseul Current Status of the High Redshift Quasar Selections from Infrared Medium-deep Survey18
Jun, Hyunsung (T) Black Hole Mass Measurements with Rest-frame Optical Quasar Spectra at 3 < z < 619
Krug, Hannah (T) Searching for High-Redshift Lyman-Alpha Emitters in the COSMOS Field with NEWFIRM3
Laporte, Nicolas (T) Looking for high-z galaxies (z>6.5) behind the lensing cluster A2667. Constraining the UV Luminosity Function at z~7,8 and 9 4
Latif, Abdul Lyman alpha emission from the first galaxies 13
Martinez & Guzman Velocity Dispersions and Stellar Populations of the Most Compact > and Massive Early-Type Galaxies at Redshift ~1 33
Matos, Salomé (T) Paschen Star Formation History of the Universe 34
Matthews, Daniel (T) Constraining Interlopers in high redshift samples using cross-correlations5
McGreer, Ian (T) Constraining patchy reionization with quasar spectra 29
Michalowski, Michal (T) Complete sample of millimetre-selected galaxies in the SHADES fields 42
Mohanty, Subhendra Signatures of Sommerfeld enhanced annihilation of dark matter in CMB 44
Moody, Chris (T) Two-dimensional kinematics of hydrodynamic galaxy merger simulations compared to observation35
Mosleh, Moein (T) The Evolution of the Mass-size relation to z= 3.5 for UV-bright galaxies and sub-mm galaxies36
Nagamine, Ken (T) Physical Properties of High-z Galaxies at z>6 in Cosmological Simulations11
Oesch, Pascal (T) The z~10 Universe Explored with HST 6
Penprase, Prochaska, Sargent, Wilka (T) Nucleosynthetic signatures of early stars in IGM and DLA absorption lines23
Petkova, Margarita (T) Simulating reionization with Gadget and Arepo 30
Porter, Lauren (T) Simulating Elliptical Galaxies throughout the Fundamental Plane 37
Rahmati, Alireza (T) The effect of UV background and local ionizing sources on neutral gas structures in simulated galaxies38
Schenker, Matthew (T) Keck spectroscopy of z ~ 7 galaxies: a drop in the fraction of line emitters?14
Shirazi, Maryam (T) Contribution of massive stars to the HeII reionization 25
Smit, Renske (T) Modeling the stellar populations of high redshift galaxies 15
Smith, Rowan (T) Clustered First Stars and the Effects of their Accretion Luminosity 31
Strom, Allison Characterising the lensing environments of strongly lensed dusty star forming galaxies 39
Trainor, Ryan Galaxy Distributions as a Probe of QSO Environments at z~2-3 40
Tuccillo, Diego (T) Selections of High Redshift Radio-Loud QSOs 20
Vignali, Gilli, Mignoli, Comastri, Risaliti.(T) Quasars at z~6: state of the art and prospects for X-ray surveys 21
Vonlanthen, Patrick (T) Lyman-series cascades and rings in the 21-cm signal of the epoch of reionization46
Wolcott-Green, Jemma Suppression of HD and H2 cooling in protogalactic gas clouds by Lyman-Werner radiation 32
Wong, Kenneth (T) Using the Best Gravitational Lens Telescopes to Detect Extremely High Redshift Galaxies7