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No.Presenting Author Title
Disc lifetime as function of stellar mass and environment
1Barrado y Navascues, David The Lambda Orionis Star Forming Region: The Spitzer Perspective
2 Cabrit, Sylie Tidal stripping and disk kinematics in RW Aur
3 Carpenter, John Circumstellar Disks in the Upper Sco OB Association
4 Casali, Mark Large scale variability in the rho Oph cluster
5 Dent, Bill Gas discs around older T Tauri stars
6 Duran-Rojas Polarimetric Measurements of HH30 T-Tauri Star
7 Watson, Alan Morphological Variability in the Disk of HH 30
8 Hales, Antonio Circumstellar environments of dust-excess stars
9 Huelamo, Nuria NACO/VLT polarimetric differential imaging of the protostar Elias2-29
10 Mayne, Nathan Relative ages of young star forming regions
11 Natta, Antonella Accretion in Ophiuchus Brown dwarfs: hydrogen line ratios (with T. Gatti, L. Testi, A. Natta, S. Randich and J. Muzerolle)
12 Oliveira, Joana Disc dispersion in extreme environments: an observational perspective
13 Padgett, Deborah Spitzer Studies of Disks Around Weak-Line T Tauri Stars
14 Patience, Jenny A Submillimeter Search for Disks around Young Low Mass Stars and Brown Dwarfs
15 Young, Erick Spitzer Young Cluster Debris Disk Survey
Clues to disc clearing from Spectral Energy Distributions
16 Geers, Vincent Observations and Modeling of PAHs in T Tauri disks
17 McCabe, Caer-Eve Keck Laser Guide Star Adaptive Optics Observations of HK Tau B at 3.8 and 4.7 micron (with G. Duchene, A.M. Ghez, F. Menard, C. Pinte, & K. Stapelfeldt.
18 Perrin, Marshall The Edge-On Circumstellar Disk of the Herbig Ae star PDS 144N
19 Pinte, Christophe Multiwavelength modeling of protoplanetary disks
20 Reeves, Chris Images and SEDs of Gaps in Protoplanetary Discs
Disc dispersal mechanisms
21 Jatenco-Pereira, Vera The Edge-On Circumstellar Disk of the Herbig Ae star PDS 144N
22 Klahr, Hubert Turbulent diffusion in protoplanetary discs
23 Matthews, Owen Viscosity in circumstellar discs
Disc mineralogy as diagnostic of grain growth
24 Bouwman, Jeroen The evolution of protoplanetary disks: Spitzer observations of the uniq coeval cluster eta chamaeleontis
25 Furlan, Elise Dust Evolution in Protoplanetary Disks Observed with Spitzer-IRS
26 Isella, Andrea Large dust grains in the inner region of circumstellar disks
27 Lommen, Dave Growth and crystallisation of dust in southern T-Tauri stars
28 Meeus, Gwendolyn SPITZER observations of discs around young brown dwarfs in UpSco
29 Rettig, Terrence Dust Stratification in Young Circumstellar Disks
30 Turner, Neal Grain Evolution in Magnetorotational Turbulence
Planet formation in evolving discs
31 Britsch, Markward Small planets in a self-gravitating protoplanetary disk
32 Harper-Clark, Elizabeth Evolution and fragmentation of massive protostellar discs with variable cooling rates
33 Helled, Ravit Planetesimal Capture and Grain Sedimentation in the Disk Instability Model
34 Meru, Farzana Environmental Effects on Planet Formation via Fragmentation
35 Nelson, Richard Terrestrial Planet Formation during Giant Planet Migration
36 Payne, Matthew The interaction between a protoplanet and a disc
Planet-disc interaction and migration
37 Bate, Matthew The interaction between a protoplanet and a disc
38 Fouchet, Laure Planetary gap formation in the dust layer of a disk
39 Martin, Rebecca Planetary Migration to Large Radii
40 Mellema, Garrelt Planet migration in non-isothermal disks
41 Moorhead, Althea Eccentricity evolution of giant planet orbits due to circumstellar disk torques
42 Ogilvie, Gordon Viscous overstability and the behaviour of eccentricity in three-dimensional discs (with Henrik Latter)
43 Pierens, Arnaud Type I migration in circumbinary discs
44 Reche, Remy Planet-disc interaction ine the Vega system
45 Speith, Roland Modified SPH schemes for the simulation of planet-disc interaction
Prospects for detection of protoplanets
46 Hebb, Leslie Search for Planets Transiting the Debris Disk Star AU Mic
47 Hinkley, Sasha First results from the Lyot Project: preliminary polarimetric disk images and sensitivity analysis
Debris discs (evolution)
48 Greaves, Jane SUPA Astrobiology
49 Grigorieva, Anna Collisional dust avalanches in debris disks
50 Kim, J Serena FEPS: Kuiper Belt Zone Dust Associated with Sun-like Systems
51 Meyer, Michael Formation and Evolution of Planetary Systems: Placing Our Solar System in Context
52 Siegler, Nick Debris Disk Evolution Around Solar-Like Stars
53 Smith, Rachel Hot dust around sun-like stars: confirmation of candidates and evidence for transience
54 Su, Kate Debris Disk Evolution around A Stars
55 Thebault, Philippe Collisional dust production in debris discs (With Jean-Charles Augereau)
56 Wu, Yanqin How to make a debris disk 1000AU in size?
Debris discs (structure)
57 Di Folco, Emmanuel Recent interferometric discoveries in the inner disks of Vega-like stars
58 Krivov, Alexander How planets could shape the disk of beta Pic, by F. Freistetter and A. Krivov
59 Krivov, Alexander Debris disks: size distributions and radial profiles (with Torsten Loehne)
60 Stansberry, John Spitzer survey for debris-discs in binary system ALSO highlighting the capabilities of NIRCam
61 Stansberry, John The near-IR imager for JWST (with Marcia Rieke)
62 Stapelfeldt, Karl Images and Excess: Modeling Spitzer Space Telescope Results for Fomalhaut and Epsilon Eridani

Last Update:12 July 2006