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Location of the conference and Institute of Astronomy

How to get to Cambridge by rail, road and air

The conference will be held at the Institute of Astronomy, which is located on Madingley Road. The site map.

Conference contact information

"Discs06: The Planet-Disc Connection"
Institute of Astronomy
Madingley Road
Cambridge CB3 0HA

phone +44 1223 337548, FAX +44 1223 337523

Getting around (bus, taxi, train)

Taxi stands are located at the railway station, bus station and Market Square in the city centre. Click here for a map of the latter (the taxi stands are depicted with a white car on a blue square).

The bus station is located at Drummer Street. Click here to see its location on the Cambridge map.

The train station is located to the south of the centre, about 20-30 minutes walk from the centre. Click here to see its location on the Cambridge map.

Tourist information

The Cambridge tourist information office has its own website.